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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 07-03-2003

getting around in bali - How about board transport in bali – do I need a car to get to most oft the spots or is it possible to get there by bus/ taxi ? What do you recommend ? Thanks Iris

By Jesse , 03-03-2003

Breaks, Boards and Bali - Hey, A friend and I are travelling south east asia and are ditching vietnam and cambodia to learn how to surf. Kuta beach seems to be the place most recommended, but what about boards? I have no idea what kind of funds I'm going to need on this excursion. Is it expensive to stay on Kuta Beach? I'd like to buy a board as well. Also, does anyone know about travel through Sumatra to Bali? Any info would be great. Thanks.

By anonymous , 16-02-2003

soft wave - kuta beach is crowded and crazy but so is most of bali. it's the best place to start. just make sure you get out early for the best waves. kuta reef, ap left and rights are nice. very deep reef. move up to ulu or bingin. if you go towards bingin hit dreamlands. it's fun.

By arne , 16-02-2003

Not too difficult waves! - I'm searching for soft waves in bali for the first week. I diddn't surf for 8 months and now i go to bali. So i want to go first to softer spots. who can tell me some (except kutabeach)? It can be reef but deepwater or beachbreak.
thank you

By , 05-02-2003

where is the best place to learn surfing - hi everybody. first time we tried to surf last summer in legian area with a little result. i assume that we are loosy beginers from russia and had no chance to catch a real wave after only a week of training. we r planning to go to bali this may and i hope u could give me a good advice where to surf. i was told that i need a point-break whith sandy bottom (legian beach brakes are too fast and too close to closeout). is there anything like that in bali or somewhere else where it is hot in may.i would prefer to avoid reef-corals under water and being scalped by restless natives. thx. dennis.

By prive8 , 23-01-2003

bring a board. - boards are USUALLY very expensive. the folks in Kuta will not bargain for boards usually. you can find people on the street trying to sell boards cheap, but not always the case. it's worth bringing a beater. something you can surf the trip on and if you find something you can sell the beater.

By froggie dude , 23-01-2003

boards: buying local or bring your own? - considering buying a board locally, a minimal. one guy said it's a rip off. can someone confirm what the score is pls? i'm going in april. don't want to carry my board with me.

By Ozzy Dude , 23-01-2003

Boards in Bail are expensive - Do Not buy a board in Bail, there a rip off if ya a ozzy. However if ya a jap there cheap as chips. Boards in Japan are expensive ($2000au) compaired to boards in oz ($600au), so they mark the prices up so make a little extra cash. Buy your boards at home where you wont get riped off. Boards in Bali cost around $1000au if ya intrested, well they were when i was last there in 2001.

By Rik , 21-01-2003

..... P.S. - And in return to what was said two messages below - keep in mind Bali is still Indonesia which means very strict culture. Bali is fairly safe, but other Indo islands (Sumatra in particular - you have to be crazy to go there) you can have your throat cut for having a woman in your house that you're not married to. Respect the culture and you'll do fine...

By Rik , 21-01-2003

In query of airfare (from below) - Your best bet is just to search around for the good deals - I know has some pretty good flights. The last time I was in Indo I was on China Airlines from LA - but from what I've heard Cathay Pacific is pretty cheap too.

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