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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 01-05-2003

November and December - Im planning to go to Bali in November and December.
Ive heard that this is the rainy season. Is this true? How is the surf? Dose the wind direction change?

By anonymous , 28-04-2003

no title - Thinking about going to indo in October. Has anyone been this time of the year? Or am i going to be pissed on and pissed off. Suggestions please people.

By anonymous , 10-04-2003

uk surfer - the uk foreign office are saying not to go to indo, u cant get insurance because of this, or else i`d be there!

By anonymous , 08-04-2003

anonymus - cheers for the input
do you always ride longer boards when in bali? i dont think i'd do it again. maybe i just have to get used to them but they seem to have about a foot too much board in the tail behind where u stand. im thinking particularily of trying to ride it a lacerations and the tail would seem to get caught by all the water moving up the wave. am i doing something wrong - should i be lower on the wave? true about not having to squeeze when its 5ft and throwing 5ft out in front of the wave. maybe its about not picking that line soon enough as it only seems to happen on take off-pull in waves.


By , 07-04-2003

bus or boat your way to Bali - There's every bus imaginable from Sumatra to Bali. I suggest something comfortable for the 32 hour bus rides that are only supposed to take 20hours. The big aircon buses executive 1st class. I never want to be stuck in a mini-van all night with the engine heat burning my arse, while the a/c drips cold water on my forehead, and everytime I nod off the driver hits a pothole. I had to slip the Jefe 30,000rps one time ta make sure my surfboards would fit on the executive bus, and they went out of there way and every one had to squeeze by my tied up boards by the back door of the bus, as they would not fit under the bus in the luggage carriers. That was a last ditch resort, subtle bribe that is not the norm as boards usually fit better. The boats are nice I took the Ferry from Sing to Batam then another to Jakarta. Not as exciting as the bus trip up to Sumatra though. Pelni ships rule also so check the schedules. Sumatra is the least expensive Indonesian Island I have been to, Bali the most. Try the Durian fruit in Sumatra or the Arak in Kuta, but not in excess.

By anonymous , 04-04-2003

R - You're doin' something wrong. If it is really 4-6ft you wont need to squeeze in to the tube. A gun like a 7ft 4in will hold a truer line in any section than a smaller board you see the grommets using. Stick with the gun. It's not how well you turn, it's how well you hold your line!

By R , 04-04-2003

advice needed on bali boards - i got stuck having to ride a long gun board 7'4 last time i was in bali. squeezing into 4-6ft barrels i would usually get thrown as the length of the board didnt seem to fit in the sweet spot. does this sound right or am i doing something wrong?

By , 04-04-2003

Answer your questions at, no crap ! - Hi reef riders, it makes me worry that people are asking for help off people who know very little about Bali. Just like some of the info on this page is not correct, sorry about that but hey lets keep it real...for a change.Who can surf in 28C water ? Balangan is not for beginners just because it gets less crowded.... Just about that whole list of waves is wrongly catagorized in regards to experience. Abuse me if you want, just keep it real friends !

By R , 03-04-2003

be aware of your abilities - If you are not a confident surfer please stick to the beach breaks or north west point breaks.

All of the good breaks that Bali is famous for have critical takeoffs and can be very dangerous for beginners and everyone surfing around them. No one wants to visit a Denpasar hospital!

Just because you learnt to snowboard in 2 days DOES NOT mean you will be surfing in 2 weeks. I think surfing pitching waves over a shallow reef is much more dangerous than any other form of boarding. I've seen a cocky euro guy with his nose hanging off his face after kissing the reef. You are best off learning to surf for a few YEARS then coming to bali.

By , 15-03-2003

Beginner/Intermediate Surf available? - I'm 25, my wife and I are going for a month. Is there decent surf for a beginner/intermediate. I grew up on the east coast (US), surf about 10 days a year, mostly long-board and really want to improve. I'll be surfing alone as well. Is Bali a good place for this, or will I leave on a medi-vac?

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