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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By S , 04-07-2003

no title - Hi! Got plans to spend october-november at Bali. How is the weather?

By Bali always in my heart! , 17-06-2003

Don't wait - just GO! - This is the most perfect surf spot incl. surroundings, locals and views! Eveything is nice, beutiful and absolute super! What are you waiting for? GO NOW!!!

By inquiring minds want to know... , 12-06-2003

What about the travel Advisories? - JI planning on hitting both soft and hard targets still? I want to go to Bali this September. Should I have reason to be concerend? Please an honest and not cocky response is essential in these matters. Thanks.

By anonymous , 23-05-2003

need input - how big should be the boad for bali?? I weight 68kg and locally I surf on a 6.2 . Please, anyone answering would be very kind....
good surfin'....

By Sing Goat Boat , 14-05-2003

ke orang blog - Kleng chi, SAYA MAU BICARA ke "Shell Neklace Dude", munken suda mati di "Tick, Tick, BOOM"

By anonymous , 13-05-2003

to the fool below - sorry buddy... who are speaking to!?

By Sing Goat Boat , 13-05-2003

Shell Necklace Dude - Dude, you don't know me but I know you. YOU STOLE MY CHICK. I bet she thinks you're so grooooovy with your SHELL NECKLACE. How am I supposed to compete with THAT?? You probably told her you swim with dolphins and shit like that and she probably thinks you're a hot surfer or some kind of "free spirit" on the face of the wave, man.
I hate you, Shell Necklace Dude.

By anonymous , 11-05-2003

no title - HELLLLO FOLKS! is anybody there to answer a few things??
1)apart from rain is the wet season bad also for the waves??
'cause im plannin to go end of august , but wish to avoid if possible amounts of crowds and fights for waves!! and I am a regular!!
2)any advices about places to stay for the firts nights...
3) how do you move around and get to the spots? by bike?!
How much should cost place to stay? and very important: I surf on a 6.2 is it a rigth size or I may need a bigger board(size?), and in this case would it be better to find one there or bringinig it from home? pls anyone resp.... good........ x

By Andrea Sicily! < > , 09-05-2003

first time there next august - Hi guys, the one writeing is a siciliansurfer.
since this site sems to be quite cool let me ask u few questions..
I am not an excellent surfer but nor a beginner; and I am regular...
Been surfin twice in costarica, and able to catch even big bombs,there as like at home(..though never on a coral reef!). I have heard contrasting opinions about bali. some say that Is the place to go 'cause you'll find sure what's good for u, there are waves for any level, no matter right or left. Others say that can be v-crowded, and where the good ones are, all are lefties and on super-shallow reef. I would like to know more some info about it, decideing such a trip requires extremely right info! ( ...maybe in the wet season more right spots are supposed to work ?!? ) CIAO a tutti.

By Skeg , 01-05-2003

Wet Season - In the wet season you tend to surf the eastern side of Bali (Sanur, Nusa Dua, etc) Having said that when I was there a couple of years ago the Kuta side of the peninsula was best. The rain is no big deal. Nice and hot during the day and a big dump of rain in the arvo which is no big deal.

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