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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By go suck it! , 07-08-2003

Anony - "ALL rich kids running around the world surfing?" Shit, I can't afford to go to Bali, although I'd liek to go. You seem to have been there a lot. It's not exactly cheap to get there and back. Sounds like you are one fucking hypocrite!

By anony , 07-08-2003

Reply to last 3... - Nov. still has some, half of prime season(now).Yes wet season but still good waves. Dreamland is ok.Changgu better.Ulu's and such are for experienced. The kids are gonna have to step the performance level up a bit anyway in INDO>budget20-60,000rp I dont know places up there but BLue Ocean or AYU BEACH INN in Kuta are decent budget($6) hotels w/pool and lock boxes.Try MASA INN for a nicer ($23)place. Definately travel to other islands.(Lembong.-Sumb.)
TO the young kook: Did you get vibed or snaked a lot? You sound like the bitter-kooks that cant handle the crowds and basically wasted their time in Indo because their ability level was just NOT there. All the pictures and videos just dont do it justice or prepare you did they?
I wonder what you are going to write in 3-5 years when your still 20something and think your the veteran after only a few trips. And no I'm not over 30 either.Wanna-be Pros and ALL rich kids running around the world with their shitty attitudes just making the world a nicer place for all of us! Dont you just love 'em?

By G. Greenough , 06-08-2003

November - Hey you,

Do you know if Bali is still crowded in November and if this part of the year is that rainy.

By kerry l , 05-08-2003

dreamlands - We're going to Bali- dreamlands with two teenagers, 14, 15 for some surfing- low intermediate range. where can we stay for moderate cost?

By anonymous , 03-08-2003

no title - Spots are crowded but still soo many good waves around.Plenty of uncrowded waves if you look. One of my all time favorites for now and ever.I'm sure it was alot less crowded back in the day.Good for you guys who scored it back then.But for now shut up. I'm sick of old farts telling me how much better it was back in the day.Its you grumpy, negative,past your prime jack-asses that think you know everything becuase you have some years under your belt.Did you old farts happen to notice how stupid the younger guys make you look in the water?Ripping harder then you guys ever dreamed of,even in your prime.Bali blows everyones homebreak away which is the reason you left Yah?Bali makes my home (Hawaii which is most definetly better than your homebreak)seem like shit. If you want to whine about crowds then stay at home and shut up. Bali is the shit and I will return for as long as I live.

By , 29-07-2003

Advice on accommodation - Me and a mate are heading to the East coast to surf late this year/early next year in the wet season. Could anyone tell me where they stayed, possibly near playgrounds, sanur reef, or any quality break on that side, without paying a shitload? An email response would be epic! Cheers

By globe trotter , 27-07-2003

Indo surfism...update - Indo needs the business. June'03 was slow start but people came in eventually. Mood is down a bit from last year, but still best waves and unique experience anywhere. Just bring your normal 3rd-world common sense and you'll be fine.Just typical haggling and stuff.Bring NEW bills only.Go to bank and pre-do math in your head in Indo(money ex-etc...)in Mexico you half the price in bargaining, in Indo you 25%.Good time to go, less people. Even Hard Rock offered me a half price deal right off the street.

By anonymous , 16-07-2003

6'2" BOARD - Mate it all depends on where you wanna surf, it sounds like your stick will be fine for the playful breaks, but as soon as you hit a decent swell at places like Ulu's or Lacerations, you're gonna need to go bigger - make the drop or get lacerated if you catch my drift?! This time of year (and i'm gonna be out there too) the swells are usually pretty big so i'd recommend taking a 6'8-7' stick as well. Hope you score mate.

By Si , 16-07-2003

no title - Can anyone recommend a good company to use for a boat trip out of Bali. About 10-14 days, clean, tidy but not too pricey. The wife is with me so a bunk with 10 sweaty surfers is a definate no go!! cheers

By Jim , 10-07-2003

Bali is not australia - Most Australians in bali have bad atitude , and they surf worst that the balinese . BASIC HUMAN MONGOS

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