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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By johnnyD , 28-12-2010

Been in Bali for a long time - I came to Bali years ago and could not manage to leave. The waves in Bali can be crowded but they are just so fun. I now work in the property industry in Bali. If any surfers want to know about owning property in Bali. You can contact me online. Here is a link of just a few villas for sale close to all the famous Bukit waves.

By John Carden , 05-10-2010

ditto - feral's description is accurate. I had the same experience and feeling about the place. I felt like prey. But if you shrug it off, the waves are worth it.

By feralsteve , 15-06-2010

Getting in and out of Bali. (Visum and rip offs) - You will have to pay money to get in (2010; 20 euro/25 dollar) and pay money (150000 RP) to get out of Bali. You also have to wait in line for a long time to make a payment delaying your arrival. Also the money changer will rip you off

This will give you an indication about what will happen as you enter this corrupt 3rd world country. Everybody wants your money and they will find ingenious ways to take it out of your pockets.

You are allowed to stay in this country for 2 months like most countries in Asia. In your passport they will paste a sticker instead of a stamp. This sticker says your visa is valid to stay for 1 month and nobody will tell you the difference. I stayed for 5 weeks instead of a month and as I had to leave the country I got a fine. The penalty is around 20 euro per day. Nobody told me and it made me feel like being robbed. Such a bad thing, while the island totally depends on tourism. What is wrong with a tourist, who wants to stay longer to keep surfing those epic waves. It should be promoted not discouraged!

Products are cheap, but just to get rid of the annoying hassle I advice your not to buy anything. Once you buy everyone will remember your face and you won’t be able to relax on the beach or leave your hotel without being bothered.

Let me give you a few tips.
The friendly local salesmen will stop you in the streets or on the beach and start to ask you 4 questions to determine the price of the product they want to sell.

Hello Boss!

1 Where are you from? Jupiter and you look up in to the sky.
2 What’s your name? Mister buy nothing.
3 Where do you stay? I don’t know. It’s a very bad place. Lot’s of cockroaches.
4 When are you leaving Bali? In 2 months.

They all hope you are a stupid rich American, staying at one of the very expensive resorts, leaving tomorrow and looking for presents for the family at home.
Then there will be a tremendous bonus in selling their crap. And it is crap! They all sell the same crap everywhere you go. You won’t find anything original.

Try to figure out if the salesman is a Bali Hindu or from Java Jakarta. If he is from Java he’s usually a thug, con artist or scoundrel.
It pissed me off just too many times. Once a thug said: Transport transport transport? Girls girls girls? Psst..xtc xtc xtc. Drugs and hookers is an offending and evil issue for me and my believes.
I replied with a loud voice in a busy market place: You mean you are a taxi driver, a pimp and a drug dealer ???! That’s awesome !!!
He suddenly buggered of ashamed trying not to draw attention.

If you are not buying, just don’t waist their time. Get rid of the bad vibes on land and stick with the good vibes in the ocean.
Remember this whole circus started after the first surfers discovered Bali. It’s still there and few Indo people know how to surf, nor are they able to swim. Have fun!

By Resa Jr , 12-06-2010

Photographer Surfing - Male 27/Indonesia currently living in Bandung. looking for job in Bali. 4 years experience in Canon products (Canon 7D, 70-200mm L series, Tokina 11-16mm, etc.). searching for job as photographer (freelance or fulltime). please contact: 0856 2055 788 or

By +Novi , 28-03-2010

Need a room in Uluwatu or Jimbaran, Bali - I am going to work in Bali and looking for place to rent. A ROOM with shower in a house or apartment. Furnished for at least 6 months or 1 year. Please holla if you can help. or 0818830610. Thanks.

By texdarby , 10-03-2010

3 vacant spots on Bali boat charter - I have three spots available on a boat trip with Indocean Surf Charters for seven days, leaving Bali on the 10th of May and returning the 17th.
We will be surfing waves on Nusa Lembongan, Lombok and Sumbawa at a great time in the season.
We are group of 4 from Australia, ages ranging from late 30's to early 40's. With a total of 7 surfers, it will be $1125 each.

Check out the charter company at...

By shaun , 12-12-2009

bali jan 5 2010 - any 1 wanna meet up go for a surf been there 5 times my self only surf about 5 diffrent breaks would like to look at more this time

By Anonymous , 08-11-2009

Bali january ? - hey everyone,

i'm going to BAli at mid january ... if anyone is UP for a one week surf trip, jsut contact me :

see you

By wes , 07-11-2009

Going to Bali Nov-Jan maybe longer. - Anyone going to be in Bali Nov/dec/jan? Im heading there nov 17th. Not sure what are the best breaks to surf during this season. I hear the breaks on the east side are the best during the wet season there. Anyone have any good advice or info let me know, or if your travelling there hit me up.

By Levan , 01-10-2009

- Im going to Bali in Okt. Any suggestion for the beginners/average riders - hotels, sport etc.?

Please drop me an email if you have anythinks for us. Thank you!

Thank you!


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