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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By manuel , 04-12-2003

where may i sleep once i get in bali? - hi guys i'm an italian surfer caming in bali the 15dec.,i never been there..could you please tell me a place where i can spend my first nights...possibly in kuta area cuz i'm alone and i also have to buy surf stuff....hope u can help me....see you there.....i can't wait!!!!!!YYYYYuuuuuuupppyyyyyy..........

By grom , 01-12-2003

4 mtha grommies - oi hows dreamland for a bunch of grommies??? wat places are full of young tourist pussy aswell???

By occup , 01-12-2003

rippin at bali - im only 14 but me n my friend n his mum are goin 2 bali in january...where are sum good right and left breaks that arnt too shallow around the 3-5ft range? do u need booties at sum of the places like bingin?

By dani y sandra , 18-11-2003

I´m looking for somewhere to sleep in Bali - Hello i´m going to bali on january and i don´t no where can i go and find a cheap hotel, please right me done...

By anonymous , 11-11-2003

Surfing seasons? - I'm thinking about going there from end of Februrary to April. Will there be good surf and does it rain a lot.

By not tell who , 04-11-2003

bali rocks all the way - i was in bali 1 year after the bombings. i was meant to go 2 weeks after the bombings. when iwent back to bali the waves were the best ive ever seen them. and its no lie because ive been there many times. iwent to uluwata and many more includeing kuta beach break and it was going off. bali rocks drink bingtan surf and sleep what more do you want

By anonymous , 31-10-2003

Don't relate it to home.. - G'day i just wanted to vent a bit of steam after reading a couple of pages of these comments - some of the comments are cool and interesting (hail to the dude who got stuck in a blood slick - sick story!).. but unfortunately many comments have been made by the ignorant claiming to be informed. some even are scared that they may be scalped in bali by the savages?!? These are the people who should not travel to countries such as Indonesia - they whine that 'its just sooo bad when the sellers harras you' and they try to haggle shopkeepers down to the last .5 cent. This is a thirld world country - if you go you will experince culture shock (unless you are type who stays in their AC rooms and pools) you can do what many aussies and euro's do every year and that is to go over whinge about the crowds, the sellers, the culture, the stink (all the while buying ridiculously cheap goods and services) or you can go over and experience and learn as much about the beuatiful country that is Indonesia and become a more enlightened person who would be able to comment fairly on this page. Sorry to whinge but Indo is a special place for me. to all you who are serious, go and enjoy, score sick waves, great food, tropical weather and meet the friendly locals. To everyone else who isn't serious - go and eat your McDonalds in the middle of Kuta Square! Kepada orang Indonesia, saya tahu bahwa banyak orang di indonesia merasa mara ke bule, tetapi saya mau orang indonesia tahu bahwa kebanyakan orang Australi cinta Indonesia. kebanyakan orang disini mimikir bahwa George Bush dan John Howard goblok!! anda adalah teman kita. Saya tinggaldi Jakarta selama tiga tahun, dan saya pernah-pernah lupa itu... saya akan kembali.

By Commander Sgoodle , 30-10-2003

No localism - The only local problem you've have in Bali is that if you bring your pet, the people may eat it.....principly Siomese cats and poodles and rats.

By , 30-10-2003

Conflicting stories about Indo localism? - I'm curious about the localism scene in Indonesia? Does it exist? Is it bad? I've heard different things. I always imagined Indo to be like Costa Rica but in Asia, cool and friendly, but probably not so?

By anonymous , 26-10-2003

We know the surf in good, but how about the pussy? - Is the pussy better than in Costa Rica? I know it must be cheaper.

Fuck it I'm going.

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