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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 01-03-2004

for beginners - the best spot for beginners is kuta beach, don´t visit the other spots cause its to heavy for you!!!

By , 23-02-2004

surf & scuba - hey guys. coming over to learn how to surf for a couple of weeks- any advice on who are the best outfit to learn with or where the best places to stay for begineers are? also going scuba diving - any recommendations there?
cheers fellas

By rob , 23-02-2004

Needing some info - I'm heading down to Bali in a few weeks. I was wondering what the board rental selection was like (and how much to rent).
I'm looking for a semi-beginner spot. I used to surf in VA Beach and the Outer Banks of NC, but that was a few years back I'm sure surf in VA Beach is not comparable to Indo surf.. I will be a kook all over again. I just don't want to be slammed on a reek my first time out. I need something mellow to ease back into surfing. I would prefer a less crowded beach, but wouldn't everyone.
If you have info you don't want to tell the world about, then e-mail me.

By , 18-02-2004

YO - Hey, im 14 and im coming to bali in May, im a bodyboarder(not a beginner, but intermediate), which beach do u think is best at that time. Im looking for left or right breaks, but nice long rides with big barrels.(6-8ft)
Thanks dude, Ciao

By Buzz Aldren , 13-01-2004

there's clingons on the starboard bow - Hi guys, just want to let you all know that i am looking into the prospect of putting a surf camp on mars. it is all a bit 'up in the air' at the moment but as soon as the yanks from NASSA find some water up there i'm gonna build a special intergalactic charter boat. i know it sounds a bit adventurous but i thought i'd jump on the band wagon by trying to exploit any and every new break that is discovered, just for the sake of a few bucks. let me know if you could be interested.
anyone have any ideas as to what sort of a wettie you would need up there?

By anonymous , 12-01-2004

Going there in february - Hello!
Im going to Bali in February, not the best month what i heard. But is it possible to get surf daily?
Im kinda new to surfing, but catch a wave now and then.
I would be very happy if anyone could give me some hints about good spots for me?

By Matt , 08-01-2004

Spots in Feb - I lived in Bali for 18 months and I cannot remember a month go by without finding perfect conditions, sometimes you have to travel to the east in the wet season as the wind comes from the west alot, I was living in Sanur which is on teh East coast so the reef got really good in the wet months. Other than that the trade winds are south-easterly so take your pick. I suggest Ulu's when it is on it is th best wave in the world in my opinion.

By Gianlucca , 08-01-2004

Visting BAli in February - Hey Buddies,

I'm an Italian guy who will visit Bali in February, Do you think i could find good spots breaking?
Thanks in advance, for your answers.


By , 29-12-2003

help me - hey there guys whats goin on um comin ova that way in july so i wanna know if the surf will be any good at that time ova there in bali so i need some spots to surf and what tides to surf them on so if u could let me know whats its like around that time of the year so thanx for ya time and if u could email and let me know that would be great and by the way come to oz for some epic waves u will love it so let me know in an email thanx guy check

By channe , 12-12-2003

Kuta Seaview Cottages - Yo Manuel,
I'm the owner of Kuta Seaview and my hotel located right infront of Kuta beach you could surf right there if you are learning. I'll hook you up just email me at

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