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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By anonymous , 08-04-2004

To the guy who defends the people at the gate at Pecatu Graha Project. - I understand your way of seeing it, but let me make it clear. I do know the whole situation. I know how they got cheated and used by Tommy and some balinese aristocrats. (even this week some have been prosecuted and face up to one year in jail with some fines and have been named as corruptors).
I know some people sat in holes in the ground up to their neck and could only come out when they would say yes to Tommy.
I know about the burned down warungs at Balangan.
I know about the tales from my friends and close family.

But isn't it strange that lately more and more people sit at the gate, who actually don't even life there. Local friends of me (including the Kepala Desa himself) informed me of this.
Do you know who receives most of this money? Do you know how much the people can keep? What they do with it?
Do you know how other local people think of this and how their business is affected and what a bad name places like Dreamland and Balangan get which they don't deserve!
Don't you think it is more greed and jealousy which plays the leading role here?
You can support them, they probably know your name and you feel that they like you.
But isn't that only because you give them easy money. Would they still like you when you would not pay?
Its up to you if you keep supporting them. Maybe you also have the finances to do so. Maybe you support them so you won't experience hassles, to have local friends and you won't feel bad about joining in in everyday life corruption. Pay people of to stay out of trouble. Or just that you feel you are helping them out, to feel better yourself.
I find that that road does also alot of good things for the people. It gave them more business on the beach, it made there life much easier.
I find that the tourists who go to these beaches return enough to the people there, they should not have to experience the hassles to come to the beach and join in the corruption and anger and jealousy at the gate.
Sometimes people should realise that when nobody stands up out of a crowd and speaks his mind, nothing will change. Especially here in Indonesia!

By anonymous , 07-04-2004

DEFENDING THE GATE PEOPLE - To the guy who protested the gate people and the 5,000 fee:

I too live in Bali, for the last 21 years. I surfed Dreamland many days for many years with just 4 - 5 people out, long before they built that road. Your interpretation of the gate situation is ignorant. Have you bothered to find out the entire story of what happened with Tommy Suharto and how they got cheated out of their land? Ask the Kepala desa for this area, he will tell you. Ask some of the reporters for the Bali Pos, they will clue you in. Those guys taking your Rp. 5,000 deserve every rupiah and a lot more. If they vent their anger at tourists that won't pay, or protest, this is unfortunate, but every understandable. These guys are uneducated, and unsophisticated, to be sure, and they could use some lessons in etiquette, I agree, but morally they do indeed they have the high ground here when it comes to that 5,000.

If you will tkae the time someday to drive around Bali, to out of the way villages, you will see that there are many other areas where this situation exists. In the vast majority of these cases, they are not collecting the fine from tourists, (these are remote roads that few tourists pass) but from other Balinese who use the road. In strict legal terms, they are breaking the law, but normaly these are Balinese villages that have been unfarily left out of the Governments road budgets, usually becuase they would not be intimidated by corrupt government officials into a particular political stance.

The guys at Dreamland though have the best case I have ever seen in my 21 yeras of taxing you, and I myself support them 100%.

By anonymous , 07-04-2004

MANGINA! - Haha your joking. Legian and Seminyak are just like Kuta nowadays you can't tell a difference. Good news (and also bad news)is that there are plenty of nice little cheap losemans right out on the Bukit itself. Check out the hill above Padang Padang, lots of places there to stay, and you can walk to the surf. However if you are a Brazilian, some of them will not let you stay, even if they need the money. (You Brazilians should ask yourselves why, and strive to improve your attitudes)

By anonymous , 06-04-2004

Bali is ruined and bukit is shit - I hope Mt. Agung awakens and spits fresh lava towards
Kuta and the bukit.People in these areas are giving Bali/indonesia a bad rap.I wish it could be like it was only 10 years ago but due to envy,greed and foreign cash
the cancer has killed it.Waves are great but is it worth it anymore???? I have had the best times of my life in Bali but it is gone so fuck Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 01-04-2004

no title - no, no crowd

By anonymous , 29-03-2004

Crowds - Can anyone tell me if the main breaks are crowded at the moment...How many out on average??

By mangina , 26-03-2004

Losmen Losmen???? - Hey,
heading back to indo after a few years off. Thinking of keeping clear of the Kuta strip this time. Anyone know any cruisy little Losmen in seminyak/Legian districts to start off in?

By anonymous , 23-03-2004

I'm going today to jimbaran - Soo,

I'll be nice to find nice people, to go surf padang padang...

Lets see

By anonymous , 20-03-2004

From the heart - I love Bali, love the culture and love its people. But it is changing. People are getting hard and jealous, to much western influence and they are being trapped between their culture and ours.
Many days i drive to Balangan / Dreamland Beach, looking forward to go for a surf and see my friends of the beach. BUt then there is a gate, people hassle you for Rp. 5000, don't let you in when you don't pay, want to try to trow stones at you, bump the gate on your car, call you in balinese " white pig, fuck you, white pig". Every day, every month. They know i live here, they know many tourists spent there money in the different warungs on the beach and in that way contribute to their people. I bring food for the dogs, bring presents to the people, go to their ceremonies, being apart of their culture.
But the people of the gate start to make a mess. Last week they screamed again to a tourist with his daughther, she had to cry. Thats a nice drive to this beach.
You know, most of those gate-people don't even live there and they give you those tickets with on it written, that the Suharto family took away their land. Another sign at the gate tells people that they can buy some of their land, isn't that funny!
So i tell you this, please everyone, don't pay at any costs, take a stand! Do you want to give them that money, day in day out, knowing that all that money goes in the pocket of one person, and the rest of them just get some, and they all spent it on gambling andalcohol and on the same time they laugh at you "white pig" and get your money again the next day.
Tell them you inform the Bali TV, the Bali Tourism Board.
Anyway, I had enough, i have swallowed this coruuption to long, just wanted everyone else to know. See you, I am off to another episode at the gate, cause i like to go to the beach!

By , 02-03-2004

I m so fuxxin happy to go in july - hey guys i need some info bout the possibilities to rent or buy boards.
i m austrian (not australian)so i didn t have so many chances to go surfing
would be nice if someone could send me a mail with some tips
o.k keep heavy metal and gosurfing

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