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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 06-07-2004

first timers - its near impossible NOT to buy a board in bali despite the common overpricing. best right wave on dry season is probably canggu a.k.a be freindly to the locals or else... also check out sanur if youve rented a car or scooter.

By curtis redden waitin for the point to break , 05-07-2004

wasssssuuuuuppppp ZAC - Hey zack kachard how's bali?????
i bet yer getting some holy crap big swell, as were gettin nothin here @ narrabeen<(())><

By , 05-07-2004

goin very soon... - hey guys need sum help gettin away from the oldies on the bali trip! fangin for a surf as live in shitty town without surf and it any good buyin a brand newie in bali or is it gonna be budget? have to find a safe boat trip so im allowed ta go and ned right handers!! chek out the airport or wot?

By anonymous , 01-07-2004

STOKED!!!!! - IVE BEEN WAITING THE WHOLE YEAR FOR THIS TRIP(july12) its my first time to go to bali and ive been dry for a long time. i dont care about negative articles that i read, but thanks to those who share infos it really helps. help me out i need a board and a place to stay where the waves are not to gnarly. lefts are my waves

By anonymous , 30-06-2004

Find empty breaks - Hey, ifo you wanna make a nice trip to east java, go surfing at one of the best breaks on earth, enjoy the jungle, surf some secret spots... Go to Medewi, ask for Soul. He can bring you there... You will never forget this trip...
check out:

By anonymous , 22-06-2004

girlsurfers wanted to join me! - Hey there! Am hitting Bali July 2nd for 8 days, really keen to surf and keen for fellow surfers who also looking for not too heavy waves, anyone keen to join for a non-kamikaze search?!

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

- it's funny how everybody crowds on this island while there are so many breaks on the island of Java that are just as good and empty. if you want an adventure go to java... not here

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

- hi person that needs info. if u need to learn surfing and need to rent a board... just go to kuta/legian...

By anonymous , 26-05-2004

to gustavo - The people in the Bukit area, Ulu and Bingin and Padang are fed up with brazilians attitude and rather not receive their money anymore, so there wn't be so many places left to stay for you. Maybe you should act like you are from Portugal, they are cool with each other

By , 20-05-2004

need info :) - hi there,
I'm planning to visit Bali this summer. I'm looking for a place wher I can rent a board and learn surfing ( it will be my second time-in Poland we aint got waves :) )
If anyone knowes of a place for begginers with a board
by the way what about rock climbing on Bali? If you have any info...please

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