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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By , 03-01-2005

Tsunami demmage to Bali??? - Hi everyone. Does anybody know if Bali was jurt in this way or another by the tsunami ? i am thinking of getting there sometime arround April-May (for the surf sake) - and not sure because of the situation. Also - is it a good season (April-May) ?

By PAI NATAL !!!!! , 16-12-2004

Respect !!!!!! - I i´m a portuguese surfer returning once again to Bali in 2005 !! To all surfers let´s respect the line -up we are there to surf not to hassle !!!!

By , 16-12-2004

Indonesian Visa - I've seen you get a 30day visa on arrival in indo but for a longer stay visa you have to apply beforehand. Does anyone know if its easy to extend a 30 day visa in indonesia? Any relevant info would be great, thanks Ben

By , 10-12-2004

travel - i wanna go to bali sometime around may/june for 4 to 6 weeks or so and do a trip to lakeys and so on, maybe even go off the beaten path and find something remote. just a good solid surf trip, so if theres any keen surfers who wanna travel over together, drop us a line, i live on the sunshine coast so i will be flying out from brisbane.

By anonymous , 30-11-2004

Balangan-Dreamland access - Do not pay at the new gate on top of the road leading towards the Balangan and Dreamland beaches.
This road is public access, the security guards are NOT allowed to take your money.
Bali is changing, we all see this, the indonesians think we are walking ATM machines.
Step up for your own rights, don't take everything!

By , 13-10-2004

Wanna surf? - g'day anyone,
im gona be headin over to indo early in 2005, at this stage it looks like being for around a year. i'll be doin some volunteer work but will also be surfing all over indo (hopefully). i speak bahasa indo (lived there for a few years). just thinkin that there might be some like-minded travellers who would like to cruise for a bit, whilst searching for those isolated breaks? anyway drop me a line if your interested..

By anonymous , 06-09-2004

- in DEC surf in nusa dua and the area. also check out sanur

By DbahLover , 28-07-2004

Surfing guides - Hey is there such a thing as hiring a surf guide in Bali. Like someone who can show you around, tell you where the best breaks will be in weather conditions. Perhaps take you out in a boat so you can get to the waves. Am I dreaming? Planning to go to Bali in Now/Dec. Any info would be appreciated

By , 22-07-2004

question - hello, I'm french and I go to Bali the 28 of this month.
I expect to buy a board ,and I want to know the prizes on the insle,for a shortboard of course,
thanks.Scuse my bad english

By anonymous , 06-07-2004

first timers - its near impossible NOT to buy a board in bali despite the common overpricing. best right wave on dry season is probably canggu a.k.a be freindly to the locals or else... also check out sanur if youve rented a car or scooter.

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