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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 02-06-2005

Boards - Boards are pricey, I paid US$575 for a Diverse, you can pick up 2nd's for about US$150 for a fairly decent one, or some cheaper new boards

By anonymous , 01-06-2005

best place in the world - I cant wait to get back there, the surf is amazing and the locals are mainly kool apart from those ones that follow you out into the surf and offer you necklaces and massages. Bali is sick go there and i cant wait to go there with my mates for another surf trip. peace out peoples and keep surfing
p.s. if its 12 feet at uluwatu go to sri lankas you will have the surf of your life with 8 feet barrels

By anonymous , 01-06-2005

lock ya bags - man give bali a miss, go to fiji or philipenes or maldives,,, indonesians are slimy and dont deserve anyones business.

lock ya bags or youll aquire some drugs and face 20 in jail.

By , 31-05-2005

Need advice on Buying used board, renting a room for a month - Any help would be appreciated!

Anyone know a contact in Bali that rents out rooms on a monthly basis?

Also is there a peer-to-peer buy/sell place (or online bullentin) in Bali? The shops ask too much for used boards in my opinion.

By Ben , 30-05-2005

Boards - Do you know if boards at Bali are cheap or not ?

By Ben , 27-05-2005

Boards ? - Is anybody know how much cost a good surfboards, like a 7'2 for big waves. Don't know if I have to bring my boards or no...
Please answer me at

By anonymous , 23-05-2005

AWSOME!!!! - i went to bali and stayed at club med, sri lankas was awsome with 6-8 feet barrels rolling through, kuta reef was perfect, uluwatu was fucking huge and i didnt dare to go out cause they 4 guys out were getting chewed up. anyways go there, if the swell is tooo big go to kuta beach and catch some awsome sucky barrels. anyways go there and stay at club med and go to sri lankas on a big swell, awsome

By , 19-05-2005

??? teenage gals ??? - is bali a safe place for teenage gals to go alone.. a friend n i are planning to hit bali up around june july..where travelling fom australia east coast...
we like big surf but we have neva surfed on reef??
we dont care to much but if you thinks its a waste of time pls let me know!!! cheers were

By anonymous , 18-05-2005

Travelling Alone - Hey out there,im heading to bali 22nd of may for a month,have been in bali 2000 last for a couple of months(before i got the surf bug!!Damn!!)and have travelled pretty much all over but was in company,anyone have any idea what its like staying out there on your own safety wise,or anyone else travelling out there round that time,just goin chillin and looking for some waves!!,cheers!!travelling from Dublin email

By anonymous , 13-05-2005

headin to bali - gday all, im heading to bali June 25th for 12 days, anyone who recently been can comment on all the $hit happening with the aussies and drugs? i dont do drugs or anything but concerned aussies may be getting targeted or hassled? anything to worry about?

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