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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Ceningan point

Indonesia, Bali

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By Anonymous , 04-04-2013

Shit wave, good place to lose your wallet. - There are two restaurants at the break where you park your bike......but be WARNED! Valuables go missing very easily if left anywhere near those places. The punk kids that serve overpriced food will of course deny all knowledge of this. Just be warned, Wave is average by the way, a pussies version of an Indo wave.

By Pitmonkey , 29-07-2009

Sharks? Currents? - I was out there in June this year and never had any problems with sharks or rips. Did have a bit of a problem though with the local boys running the shop/warung on the point. They were trying to intimidate people into paying for parking scooters there, well out of order. They were trying to make it impossible to get down to the beach by blocking the several paths down with thorn bushes etc, forcing you to go onto the point past their spot to get to the water. Definitely watch out for the stakes just below the surface on mid to high, saw someone holed there.

By Anonymous , 01-03-2009

super strong currents - Dont worry about going to Antarctica, there is still Norht of Australia in your way :-)))

By Evil Ivo , 18-12-2008

Love it - I Was There In Nov 2008...Shipwrecks was flat so i rent an motorbike and went to ceningan,when i get there a fell on my knees...i didn´t wanted to believe in that...6 ft perfect left,the most beautifull place in the world and i was alone out ther...surfed for 5 hours and i kept on coming back there for the entire week.i met some locals and they where realy friendly and advise me about the tides and stuff...2nd day really early i saw 3 huge fish 8 feet each and I Was really scared thinking about sharks and stuff,i found an local fisherman and i asked about that and he start laugthing,saying me that was barracudas...I just cleared my head out of fears and head to this perfect wave....I really Love This place,so uncrowded and so mystic....

By Anonymous , 15-09-2008

super strong currents - surfed there a week ago. we saw it best on falling mid to low tide.
at some time during the falling tide, there are currents, pulling you out towars antarctica. if we wouldn't have had a boatman watching us, i don't know what would have happened: three experienced surfers in good shape and we could not make it against the current.
as soon as you get too far from the cliff and at the same time - looking towards the cliff - to far right, the current gets you.
after approx. 30 minutes, the current dies and it's all back to normal again.

nice surf though! take off can be jacking and a steep section directly after take off requieres racing real fast some times. i got pounded hard quite some times in shallow water, but no bad injuries. reef is not sharp.

By phil , 19-05-2008

scary wave and sharks -
was there recently and was forced out of water by a smallish (5-6ft) shark. had to climb up the bloody cliff.

local boat guys always deny there are sharks when i ask...

spooky, scary wave. can be 2-3ft and then suddenly 6ft and monstering. i wouldn't surf this place alone or in anything but a very small swell. if its 3ft on the main lembongan breaks there's a strong chance of 10ft plus clean up sets here. no kidding.

saw it breaking last year in a big swell (shipwrecks 6-8ft) - wild, out of control, possibly 20ft (yes) waves coming through. unsurfable but impressive to see.

By kurnz , 15-05-2008

there are sharks in bali for sure - surfed ceningan early may with just two mates and got chased from water by two large brown sharks, not dolphins. Locals in cave informed us in that a surfer was bitten on the leg there recently. The deep water is a well known tiger shark breeding ground. A shame we saw them only 5 mins into the surf as it was pumping and empty and twice as big as shipwrecks.

By Ross Javes (UK) , 05-05-2007

I liked it! - I was there last year. I spent a while travelling the islands to the east of Bali. On my way out and on the way back to bali I went to this spot. After surfing some of the best waves indo had to offer, I actually had some of my most fun surfs at this place. Yep, a few will catch you out, they come out of no where; it can be a bit shallow as well, especially the end section (it went dry on me a couple of times). It did seem to work best at a lower tide, however it was alright as it came up little. There seemed to be two sections/seperate waves when it was a bit smaller; they conected beter with a bit more size. It does pick up loads more swell, when ship wrecks was about 2ft, I got Ceningan about 3ft with the odd 4+ft set (head and a half)! Try and get it early in the day, the trade winds effected it a bit as morning go's on. In addition, you do have to watch the sea weed nets (only if caught right in side). This is a swell magnet, fun, can get a steep, uncrouded (unless a boat trip turns up) and I recomend a look!

By Anonymous , 30-04-2007

- hahaha there aren't any sharks here! but it is a gnarly wave and it is best not to get caught inside as it not only becomes very shallow quickly but there are seaweed farms just near with bloody big metal spikes to get washed on to. mmm fun

By Anonymous , 06-01-2007

- no sharks and villas by beach are bankrupt so cant stay there.

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