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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Indonesia, Bali

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By anonymous , 30-11-2004

La Loya bungalows - Don't stay there! I have heard that a guest there was hit by an employee, the manager did not do anything, because she is scared that she looses the respect of her employees. The employee is still working there.
And the security stood up for his family member of course.
Yes, this is how guests are treated lately on Bali Island.
Paradise gone

By ross (kapten jappa) , 11-11-2004

balangan,first time..... - 1984,surfed kuta reef early,new swell,way too big.darren,barn and the melbourne guys took us to 'a place we found last year,it'll hold this swell.'rode the 'bikes down 7.5kilometres of hell track,not road,past staring,gawking locals(the aliens have landed!).schoolkids,hearing bikes,abandon lessons,climb out the windows and run,barefoot across bare limestone "me carry,me carry!!".leave bikes with staring farm family and head off thru cactus hedged lanes.eventually,a clearing and first sight of The WAVE! i'd died and gone to surfies heaven!blue,cloudless sky,fantasy blue sea and lefthanders peeling,almost to the end of the beach and No-one Out!! three guys came up the track,saying ,'it's all yours,we've had Enough!'saw no-one else,all day.stayed much the same till the road went in, shoulda been here yesterday.

By Steve Hogan , 08-10-2004

Balangan rox 2 - I have to agree.Ive surfed BAL at similar size.It probably gets better with size.Yeah do watch that end section.It's called an end section because it ends your surfing for awhile.With some east in the swell it gets more makable.Bal is well worth checking and is many a goofy's fav wave,hey Riggsy. Do share waves at this place, because of the Kharma Fakta.

By BW , 11-09-2004

Balangan rocks - Surfed 10+ balangan when ulus was way too big for my liking. Time the sets and you'll get out; keep an eye on the horizon for the sneaker sets; stay high and drive hard across the wave to get thru; do not run all the way thru to the end section near the northern (jimbaran end) headland as the reef is really shallow and the wave closes out into about a foot of water. Also ride a bit bigger board to get into the hell sets early and go go go!

By anonymous , 08-08-2004

Great surf and warungs - The surfing at balangan is worth any sacrifice you need to make to get there. You'll have a great time in the water and when you get out there are a veriety of warungs where you can get good food at a reasonable price,,except one,,,,,TRAVELLERS BEWARE! Do not go to Mario's warung the man is crazy, i had just come out of the water when i saw mario use his dogs to attack a female tourist, meanwhile he yelled "Get out of Bali",,, the poor girl was shocked and chased down the beach by ten dogs.
If you go to Balangan, go to any warung except Mario's.
You can't miss it,, it'll have a giant red Mario spraypainted on the side.. cheers and enjoy the surf.

By , 06-08-2004

phat - The best place i ever bin to. I rode my first "real" waves there in april 2002.

By anonymous , 15-04-2004

getting there - Hook up with one of the fishermen in Jimbaran and get them to ride you out in their boat. If you'r lucky the fisherman is a surfer named Wayan Nere and you will only need to pay for gas and some Bintangs and get a friend for life. Balangan is much more fun than Dreamland

By anonymous , 20-03-2004

Don't pay at the gate! - On the way to Balangan and Dreamland Beach there is a gate where people charge you money to come in. They say you have to pay Rp. 5000.
But whatever problems they want to make, don't pay them, they have no right to take your money!
Lots of tourists who just want to enjoy their day at the beach get hassled, allthough they spent their money at their friends' warungs, and in that way help the local community.
The people who stay there at the gate, tell its their land which has been taken away by the Suharto family, but actually they don't even live there (most of them), and the money goes straight in their pockets for gambling and alcohol.
They just use these excuses to get your money and stay lazy. Its all about principles!

By anonymous , 28-10-2003

superb - 1.50m off shore wind amazing surf with turtle!
o wonderfull souvenir from bali

By anonymous , 26-09-2003

so beautiful... - took a few crazy turns when some friends and I tried to get there on those insane bali motorbikes...ended up driving for about 20minutes along a dirt/sand track...all worth it though when you go down the final slope and see it doing it's magic on the reef...

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