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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Indonesia, Bali

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By Christian V , 16-03-2005

I must agree with marybali - My Friends I have been to bali many times and have stayed at many places but La joya was where I felt we were trully looked after. The manager would go out of the way to make us comfortable and ensured that we were looked after and enjoyed our stay. I felt that she was more of a friend than a resort manager. I definately recommend this place and have booked it for my next trip in sept.

By Thrish , 27-02-2005

a smile - I think Josh hit the button right. If everyone just would act like they preach, then this world would be a better place. Of course you can't speak of a God and a nuke on the same level, but this is simply how this world is like. People show a smile and a laugh, but behind this smile is a deeper meaning, something sinister, and that I believe is the whole meaning behind, which our "friends" the balinese have ultimately mastered to a high degree. Think about it, its a valuable lesson to be learned.

By Wrighto , 22-02-2005

Wow.....what a simpleton - It s funny how JOSH says respect yourself and GOD (??) himself and submits that we should nuke all things french. Is that part of the almighty's grand design meathead? How does one actually RESPECT GOD anyway. Thats just the sort of idiotic supplication that people who believe in such nonsense as "GOD(s)" spew out because it SOUNDS profound, but truly makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe try to actually READ something before "writing" such absurdities on a web site devoted to surfing info. Just because you have an oppurtunity to sound off doesn t mean you SHOULD. You re contributing to the often misapproriated stereotype that ALL SURFERS are yourself.

By Josh , 20-02-2005

Tourism - We all know how it goes, tourism fucks up everything in the world in the end. Clashes between cultures, people using people to get better themselves. Just keep surfing, stay calm, respect yourself and God himself, and lets throw a nuke on everything which is french.

By marybali/lajoya fan , 26-01-2005

you brought your problems to la joya - This was a personal problem you brought to La Joya, you werent even staying at La Joya, this had nothing to do with La happened outside of the gates of La Joya as the manager requested you to do, because it had NOTHING to do with her or the hotel. I happened to be staying there.
So, blaming it on La Joya and you not dealing with the situation years ago when it happened( your problems started all on your own with out the gal there at La Joya) Not the Managements fault nor responsibility to solve your issues with the Balinese and your issues with trust in the Balinese.... I live in Bali and frequent La Joya. The manager at La Joya has always been wonderful to me and any friends I bring there. She bends over backwards for her guests. The staff is great as's a a wonderful place that any surfer would be missing out on if they listened to any of your advice on the Balinese, lost paradise or La Joya. La Joya, the management, Bali and Balangan Beach are incredible.Not to mention the surf!!!!!!!! Waking up at La Joya to the birds and the sound of surf, grabbing your surf board and just stepping down to the beach, having a surf, relaxing in the hammok or by the pool afterwards at La joya is something I recommend to anyone out there. What a charming place to stay...away from it all!!! And what a lovely manager they have there and staff. Sorry to hear about your personal problem, but remember, its YOUR personal problem.....take some responsibility for your part in it and stop blaming a hotel that you werent even staying at ....good luck to you and I hope everyone out there has a chance to stay at this wonderful place and cetch some great waves!!!!

By Nathalie , 32,France. , 26-01-2005

The best Kharma for La Joya! - I just spent 10 days alone without any bodyguard at La Joya,where I also had my birthday party ,all together,staff and friends, a real balinese paradise!Where guests are welcomed like kings by the balinese staff who apparently are more open-minded that some people.I also wanted congratulate on the young french manager who takes care of her guests and employees'well-being.I travel a lot and recommend to everyone to come and discover this relaxing place. And for sure I'll come back at La Joya.

By K. , 16-12-2004

Good for you and thanks - Welcome to modern times!
This is the internet, freedom of speach and worldwide databank of information available. This site is exactly created for the reason to inform other make their surf trip worthwhile and successfull.
Thanks for the info, what a situation. I have been living in Bali for several years, and I know exactly how you must feel. Keep real and don't let it get to you!
As for those bungalows you mention, they are FRENCH managed, that says enough. They should be ashamed and not surprised to get their karma back. Would anyone like to leave their girlfriend there while going for a surf?

By Blanco , 15-12-2004

reply to Wayan - actually it goes like this. My girlfriend and I used to live on balangan beach for more than a year, just in the warungs, with the local people...with all the local people. My girlfriend trew in a birthday party and in the morning she found out she was robbed. We found out who did it, and the guy who did it knew we knew and we knew he knew, that stuff. But what could we do, we could not prove anything. And if we would speak with the family members, they would not have done anything and our relatiosn would have changed. So what did we do, we did like nothing happened and kept our mouth shut. Could you do that? But we decided to act like that guy did not exist anymore. Sure we would see that guy, and we would not say anything, but he would smile and know that we could not do anything. he even would say hello in his wicked way. Years went by, until my girlfriend decided to go to La Joya to speak with the female manager there, to become friends. In all the time we never went there, allthough we lived there, there was a reason, because our robber works there. So he felt scared,coming in his territory, with his family members around him and he showed it, screaming to my girlfriend lo leave and stuff like that, even treatening the manager in words. Is that normal if he did not commit some crime in the past, there must be a reason for this behaviour, don't you think Wayan? For an employee to react in such a way, that could only happen in...., wouldn't he get fired instantly on the spot in any other place? It got worse, he a man, pushed my girlfriend hard in the chest, tried to take away her bike, even treatened the female manager, the security did not know what to do, of course he decided to help his familymember, and not the guests, so the female manager had to step in, and her own words were that she did not know who the security guard tried to protect. After that our robber and his father treatened my girlfriend to watch out for her live. Well, there must be some reasoning for it, don't you think Wayan? What did we do to him? How weak can they be for two men to do that to a woman, to wait when her boyfriend is not there. And what did the manager do. She told us that she also did not trust her employee, but she lets him working there, because thats how she gets the respect from her workers. Wake up, you never get respect, the only thing that counts is their work and their money.
Should we have gone to the police, probably, but for what result, its too corrupt. Have a chat with the banjar, why, they protect their people. What would have happened with any other guest there? Of course there would have been made different steps, but because it is us, nothing happens. Nothing will happen, its just blanco and his girlfriend. And we thought for many years that they were our friends, a hard wake up, reality check.
Therefor I wrote earlier. As a toursit who stays here for a while, you will probably never experience this. To me it feels, the better you are threating the locals, in the end the worse they threat you. Keep a distance, keep smiling, but don't get too close. Think about the education difference, they are huge.
As for LaJoya, they are living in dreams and they should be lucky that we did not make different steps than just walk away.

By Brian - NZ , 04-12-2004

Get real - pllllease - Just have to say that having spent 22 days in Bali in Sept. that I came away thinking that it's greatest attribute was it's people. Respectful, intelligent, funny, thoughtful. Yeah, most are switched on at getting the best deal from yer average touro, but why wouldn'tcha. Then we get the culture, the surf, the food, the brilliant accomadations and excellent party places.
Paradise lost? Get real, the place is real. It's not paradise, but for tourists who don't get arrogant, stupid with their cash or health, it's such an excellent place to holiday - ask the other 99.9% of travellers.

By Wayan , 02-12-2004

Reply to the last post - And of course because you have heard from someone else it must be true... Why would an employee hit a guest for no reason??? The employee must have been provoked by your 'friend'! 'thats how the balinese treat the people these days'?? How can you generalize like that, what a narrow minded comment... If you think that the balinese treat the tourist badly, you should see how the tourist treat the balinese... just rude most of the time... 'Paradise lost'???... u must be really spoiled or really blind. Lastly it is wrong for you to tell everyone reading this post not to go stay at La Loya bungalows, based on what your friend(or whatever the relationship is) said. Remember these people earn very little for a living, and you're trying to sabotage that from them... yeah its good to recommend, but your recomendation is on a third person account.. besides let people discover where to stay by themselves, some might have a good time at la loya, and if they don't they can choose the 6 other bungalows on the beach!

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