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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Bali

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By anonymous , 03-06-2006

- true that, i could not believe it, story goes somewhat like this, owner of land wanted to make room for resort, there still are acouple of warungs, but most of them are burnt, some locals looked really scared ad puzzled about loosing their biznis, it freaked me out, the wave is still epic, can't burn that!!!!

By anonymous , 22-05-2006

Warung Fires? - I just heard from a friend that arrived in Bali that there was a fire that burnt down 6 warungs at Balangan. Anyone with any information on that situation...please post it...

By marie , 15-04-2006

- best beach to go to surf is good and its just so relaxing the best message and food was great.

By Jade and Erica , 02-02-2006

Great place to visit. - Balangan beach is our favourite place in Bali.We love it!!The beach is paradise, the water is clean and the people there are very friendly.We have a Balinese family there who are very kind and welcoming to anyone who visits.So if you go there, go to Warung Damiyan and visit them.We don't even surf but we love it there. Its so peaceful and relaxing. You can totally chill out there,get a massage and just RELAX!!

By anonymous , 27-01-2006

Warning - this spot has had lots of tiger shark sightings last year with one reported attack on a local. Has been kept low profile as locals don,t want to scare away any more tourists. Better and safer spots to surf in bali!!!!

By anonymous , 02-09-2005

No secret any longer - Well, one of the last semi uncrowded waves has been wrecked by ourselves. development of bungalows and overcrowding has also changed the attitude in the water, because of the crowds. it is a pity but changes can't be stopped

By anonymous , 17-08-2005

- josh is a arse
everything which is french?
french polinesian islands does that count ?
this place is not for all surfers at all
this is a heavy wave and the end section closes out on dry rock
at high tide padlle out tho the left near the rocks then come across
u can surf it at all tides but is heavy at mid
take off is easy then quickly walls up then barrles
heavy hold downs on a big swell and pretty shallow in places
hard geting in and out at mid to low tide as waves breacking on shallow coral so if ur not carfull will get scraped across it
say someone hit the botten hear scraped his face of on the bottem was pretty nasty
can handle pretty much anything the indian ocean can throw at it
i surfed it at over 8 foot
was long and heavy on its day is better than most
and not that rare will break most weeks through june july august
one of my favit waves in bali
not very crouded as till cinda secret ish

By Murf the Surf , 30-03-2005

Only three stars - Boy, someone screw up. Give it four stars for crying out loud.

By Big Krus , 29-03-2005

Best wave in Bali - Balangan is the best wave in Bali when it's on. Better than racetrack for speed, longer than Impossibles, and jucier than Outside Corner/Bombie. Only seems to happrn a few times a season, though.

By Wrighto , 24-03-2005

The mind is half empty........ - To think that a significant number of balinese have a "sinister" ulterior motive behind their kindness is less a valid observation than a statement about the person expressing it. A more "valuable lesson" for THRISH might be elementary school-level grammar instruction.
Are you josh's girlfriend or something?

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