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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Indonesia, Bali

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By Mr.Beetroot , 30-09-2013

- Fantastic place, Tahiti like paysage, exceptionally long lefts, good locals, great atmosphere, even though occasionally a bit crowded.
Due to the spot being right in front of a river mouth, the idyllic atmosphere is on rare occasions disrupted by shark sightseeings.
Be careful, don't surf there after a rain, early at dawn or on sunsets.

By Anonymous , 14-02-2010

pity... - used to be good fun, but now there are just too many wankers who shouldn't even be in the water

By scott , 26-12-2009

beginners at Balian - Beginners are fine, they just need to stay in Kuta on the beachies until they learn right of way rules, duckdiving (dont throw your board behind you so some guy cops it in the head paddling out behind you) and can actually stand up! Loose boards are dangerous.

By Anonymous , 04-07-2009

da sh#$@! - one of da funnest most rippable waves i've ever surfed.The village still very traditional only a handful of locals surf,really nice kids. the surf guides bringing fu#$@!loads of japs are from kuta or even java and lombok. Tell um F@#$! off, the village does not support these effen clowns.Its not good for ibu at the warung trying to run a business. However because of the distance from kuta it can be ultra crowded one day and empty the next.All in all balian is so beautiful the people are so nice and the waves are so fun,the real bali still awaits timing is everything.

By Anonymous , 01-03-2009

for: Sick as a dog - Hey, have some respect for the beginers and people who cant surf in their own country. Not only Aussies and Hawaians want to surf. Its hard to even try to catch a wave, when there is always a better surfer taking all the waves and doest let you even try.

By Skeggsy , 03-02-2009

Sick as a dog - balian is a nice place the crowds have grown to ridiculous levels. The euros and nipponese who surf there are insane. Not insane surfing........ just insane!!!. they drop in and have no idea about who has the right of way. The wave is fickle and there are better options down south on the bukit. Not only that, the wind blows early so its hard to get the combination of swell, wind and tide coming together as the winds up by 9 am. But the most dangerous problem is not the sharks(and there a few) but the germs from the river. Ear ache city here we come...thats Balian.

By cheza , 16-11-2008

skip Balian - All kidding aside - skip Balian. You'd be a lot better off staying in Kuta for all kinds of reasons.

By Anonymous , 23-08-2008

balian - No big Deal ! The whole world has changed , why should Balian be any diffirent? Still nice people, nice beach and countryside, and the wave is te same as 20 years ago, good fun, not classic, just enjoy it for what it is

By Anonymous , 15-05-2008

the crowds have arrived - I think the days of uncrowded Balian are over.20 surfers on the peak right on sunrise wasnt uncommon. MY last trip there a few months ago was plagued with all sorts of beginners falling out of the sky. Alot of Euro surfers need to look up two words before they start ..SURFING & ETIQUETTE.

By Anonymous , 25-03-2008

Not uncrowded anymore - I was there 2 years ago and I can tell you for sure that this spot is now crowded. Every morning, there was at least 20 people out with the average being about 25. Oh well... I guess that's the way it goes. But it's a really nice little village with super cool people.

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