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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Indonesia, Bali

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By INDAPUKA , 21-06-2014

not bad at all - took my wife and her friend there, they both longboard and are pretty good, they loved the spot. It is a little smoky and the water is murky but it was not rainy and the murk was mostly silt. It is a long easy wave with fast and slow sections. Plenty of time to set up and do turns or go for the infinite nose ride. Definately not an advanced surfing wave but fun and reminiscent of a California point break in warm water. It's easy to get in and out east of the point between the rocks. Try not to touch the rocks as they are covered with stuff that cuts. The Medewi boys are cool cruisy locals like waikiki beach boys back in the day, they'll give you waves if you are cool to them and show respect. They also rip and have the waves wired, busting air 360's with ease. Not much barrel but they are there, more of a hotdogging wave that you can try anything on and not worry about getting left behind. Stayed in a nice ac room at Medewi beach Inn, right by Brown Sugar. it was a good cool sleep and only 250,000 rupiah ($25 USD). Spent the nights cruising at Mai Malu drinking bintangs or down by the beach playing dominoes with the boys. Much slower paced than the rest of Bali. Good if you're looking for some long rippable waves. Big ups to Ayam, Rahim, Bobby, and all the Medewi boys for being classic.

By BagusLife , 28-05-2013

Brown Sugar Surfcamp - We've been staying in different accommodations in Medewi. At the end at Brown Sugar Surfcamp - read what we think about it:

By Anonymous , 04-07-2010

Medewi - big waves, raw sewage, burning garbage - If you love good surf, raw sewage from two toxic polluted rivers and the smell of burning garbage - this is the place for you.

By Anonymous , 21-10-2009

GREAT and cheap place to eat the best food in Medewi - If you are in Medewi you have to eat in this warung was the best food I had in Bali Is a modest and small place in the main road close to the Moses In front of a large antenna..


By Anonymous , 25-09-2009

fun wave but .... - It´s a spot crowded of german/austrian beginers ruining the wafe.. When you are in the take off you can´t drop in becouse is full of dangerous beginners..

By Anonymous , 20-07-2009

no title - wave kind of soft and boring to be honest, not what i had in mind. pretty dam crowded as well, the water is stinky and brown and the wind turns onshore. kinda doodoo place really.

By laids67 , 15-05-2009

Does anyone know? - Can anyone tell me the name or contact details of the Aussie bloke who surfs here and owns a new villa a couple of k's Sth of Medewi. He rents the place out but is not on yhe net. He is middle aged bloke with a red board. Thanks if able to help.

By Anonymous , 26-06-2008

Mai Malu in Medewi- rubbish - Indonesia is one of my favourite places in the world! I have been so many times and have always felt the people are so friendly. Then we made the mistake of staying at Mai Malu.

They have a spanky website that makes it look very welcoming however, there's a reason why they dont show pictures of the rooms!

The staff are ok but the owner's mother (australian) was very rude! Especially when we had to leave because there were absolutely no waves! Talk about a witch!

Worst experience I have ever had in Indonesia!

By Jac , 14-06-2008

Accommodation in Medewi - Hi chaps

I recommend the Puri Dajuma: they will give you a lift free of charge to the break, or you can walk (about 15-20 minutes). It is on the side of the right hander, so you can stop there if you want. The place is five stars-luxury but affordable, and it is great place for the wife/girlfriend to sunbathe by the pool.

By Anonymous , 09-06-2008

Medewi - I spent 2 weeks in April at Medewi. Had a great time and the swell was pumping around 5 to 6 ft. Only problem with the wave is its very soft. The take off area is fairly small due to the line of the rocky bottom and after a punchy takeoff the wave dies. You really have to push to get some power and then the tail of the wave forms up a litle better. The locals have the place wired and know you must stay high on the wave to keep up any momentum. Even though the swell was consistent it was not as good as other waves elswhere, and we only surfed it a couple of times. It only breaks on the high tide and can get small on the low tide but magically increases as the tide rises. There is a right hander about 200 meters east at the mouth of the next river which was really good fun but short and tends to be very fickle due to the current and winds. If you want a quiet uncrowded surf break forget it. There is a Medewi Boardridres club that has started up and there are always locals on the wave. No less that 25 and up to 60 on one day. A German guy is opening a hotel for euro surfers later this year so it gets busy for such a soft wave. On one day no less that 5 mini buses of Japanese surfers arrived and added another 22 surfers to the already crowded line up of 40. Food was good at the local restaurants but there is nothing here other than the run down Medewi Beach Cottages resort and a couple of warungs.
PS If you want to stay at the resort in relative comfort (air con) then book at the hotel when you get there. If you book via the Medewi Beach Cottages website your going through an agent who owns the website and he charges US $58 for a beach front unit which is too much. Negotiate with the hotel when you get there or stay at the warung west of the point along the beach.

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