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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


India, Kerala

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By andrew burns , 28-07-2007

pumps - i surfed this break back in 1998 and scored it pumping like hossegor france or wainui gisborne new zealand. heavy hollow barrels

By fredd , 01-03-2007

good surf this time - come to kovalam now all of you surfers . this is the best time to surf here. last week it has been great

By glad to be home in lanza , 12-02-2007

Jan and Feb lighthouse beach - I just spent 4 weeks at lighthouse beach and can
say that Jan And Feb waves suck. They do come up
and some days are a solid 6ft but they are impossible
to catch except for the 2 seconds before they close
out which they do with a powerful crash..a good board
breaker.There is a little indian local who got short
rides and a little korean who managed but for all thier effort the best they got was about 2 or 3 seconds.
The break is only 20- 30ft from the shore and shallow
so you get well pummeled.
I can imagine other times of the year in monsoon its
large and more interesting breaking further out but if its
less than 6 ft its not giong to be worth it breaking far to close in.

Also the rips are very strong and appear in seconds.One
morning alone I watched the life guards pull
near drowned swimmers from the water on 3 seperate occasions.loads drown every year I was told..
There are 4 beat up short boards 1 minimal and 1 mal for
hire but at 50 rupiees an hour or 300 r for the day
you will get more fun outof the boady boards on hire.

By Anonymous , 03-02-2007

Kovalam Beach - I surfed Kovalam im October.

It was hard to find a good wave, it often closes out. In the days I was there an fisherman died so watch the current.

There are also some boards to rent. A Malibu and some shorts.

By Anonymous , 18-12-2006

Surfing - I have surfed in Durban before, now going to Kovalam, would love to surf, anybody know of any places I can get a board?


By Anonymous , 19-11-2006

kovalam surf? - gonna be in this area of india with two friends from april-june. whats surf gonna be like? anywhere cheap to stay locally?

By Anonymous , 12-11-2006

kerala - hey im going to be in cochin, keralaa for the first 2 weeks in december. the second week were going to find a beach to just chill on and would love to know if there is any way of getting a board out there. lighthouse beach looks sweet..ne1 going to be around??

By Anonymous , 12-09-2006

fun! - that left near the lighthouse looks fun i reckon

By , 17-08-2006

Jon in Bangalore - Hi,

I've been living in Bangalore for 6 months. I've got 3 boards with me, not yet had a chance to surf in India, if anyone fancies a surf trip from Bangalore somewhere either Kerala or Pondi let me know, I'm dying to get my feet wet after 2 fantastic weeks in Bali...

By WGR , 06-08-2006

Kovalam - I'd be careful about going going out pre-monsoon - I was there in June and although the weather was perfect and unusual for that time of year (sunny) I wouldn't have gone chance..

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