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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tai long wan

Hong Kong

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By Anonymous , 31-03-2007

china waves= not good - Waves in china are relly small. wave in australia are way better

By , 08-08-2006

anyone in HK surfin at pres - just got to HK and desperate for a surf. Is anyone about who goes out to Big wave bay regularly and could give me the low down?(might be able to get use of a boat). If so get in touch


By anonymous , 05-01-2006

Driving - I've been to HK only twice. Is it possible to drive to Sai Kung from the city?

By anonymous , 02-09-2005

SURFING HK THIS DEC> - I am going to tear up this wave in dec. this year, the best asian surfer out there son watch out for limo.... dec. 05....

By bonkers , 01-09-2005

Surf Budds - Just moved to HKG from Sri Lanka, surfed loads in SL. Looking for surf buds to share some surf sessions with. Mellow dude, just keen to get locked into some waves. Can contact me on 91504574 or email:

By , 13-05-2005

looking for steve - hey if anyone knows a man named steve, chinese, middle-aged, surfs tai long wan frequently, please let me know. i have his bodyboard but i lost his phone number. i live in shenzhen but i need to return it to him before i leave for the states. email me if you think you know who im speaking of. thanks.

By Keir , 26-12-2004

- Hey

Used to work in an outdoor ed centre in Sai Kung, used to take groups of kids out camping all over the Sai Kung peninsula all the time. Its fine except for loads of pesky wild dogs, not vicious but a touch hungry. Back in 2001 their was a noodle bar on Tai Long Wan despite its remoteness (may only operate in summer, not sure). Not sure about water if your staying for a while (we used to carry our own).

By Adam , 25-11-2004

places to stay near Saikung Big Wave Bay - Hello,

Anybody know of any clean, cheap places to stay w/i reasonable distance from Saikung Big Wave Bay?

I know of some nice looking hostel type places in the Saikung reservoir area, but not sure if accept people off the street. Seeem to be aimed at groups. Also, I don't think any of them are within a reasonable walk from the surf beaches. Are the Big Wave Bay village bungalos of reasonable standard? How about camping on the beach? It seems this website warned against bandits in the area.

Thanks for any info you can provide.


By kevin , 13-11-2004

info - hey all
to everyone asking about temp, size etc, here you go:

size: the surf isnt HUGE, so dont get your hopes up- if you're from hawaii or cali, it wont be amazing(unless you get lucky!), but hk isnt a world calss surf spot, so dont expect world class waves!! there will definately be something rideble though. expect a solid 3ft (hawaii measure), more if you're lucky. it gets doubleoverhead only about 5 days a year, but complaining won get anyone anywhere- im glad we have anything.

temp: it doesn get REALLY cold here, even in the winter months - nothing compared to nor-cal or even so-cal, but a wetsuit is still needed for the coleder months - i'd say in dec/jan you'd be looking at about 10-15C at its coldest, its about 20 now, and people have already broken out the springys! wetsuite are still specialist hrere, so if you can buy them abroad i suggest you do.
for more info, check out

By Surf Rat , 12-10-2004

How good does it get at Sai King and which month/s? - Always in search of good fast waves would appreciate if someone could send an update on the surf in HKG. Will be visiting end of Oct and heading out to Sai Kung will the waves be pumping by then?? How big do they get? In exchange for precious info will share updated news on the Oz surf scene. By the way folks, surf was pretty good last week but absolutely hopeless today!

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