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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ham tin

Hong Kong

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By Dave , 25-08-2008

Great representation. - Are all surfers this immature ?

By Otz uk , 23-12-2003

Its good - Lucked into a swell here three years ago and have to say it was pretty good not classic but what do you want pipe= also hong kong surfers (like gibbs etc) are pretty damn good. Not first choice on a world tour but I wasnt expecting to get anything and was pretty suprised. Lets hope they dont develope the whole of the national park though/

By anonymous , 23-12-2003

.... - Ham Tin is actually pretty good occasionaly. Most of you people who are saying that its crap have probably never seen it more than once.

By anonymous , 21-12-2003

yo - ham tin is pretty some nice little tubes there Tai Wan was all blown out and rippy...good for me bodyboard

By anonymous , 18-10-2003

no title - yeah that dude is right WTF is wrong with u idiots, i bet most of u havnt even surfed this spot, i must say i am australian and the surf is better down there but still hk may not be bali or Gland but at least your not getting blown up every second! hk is just a beachie if u want a decent wave go to pipeline in hawaii i would like to see u fools surf that! so stop dissing hk i mean it aint a surf destination anyway.

By anonymous , 16-08-2003

no title - what the hell is the 'HKG'? Surf in HK is so perfect, but who cares. I'm sick of everybody blabbering on about 'go here... go there... etc.' Sure there's better waves elsewhere but you should be able to enjoy yourself in 3ft slop and 6ft glass. It's not so much riding the wave, there's other things to it, the atmosphere, the people, the ocean. Hong Kong can break pretty nice in the winter if the bars build up sufficiently. Stop whinging, be happy with what you got... atleast your not surfing tidal ripples in finland

By anonymous , 31-07-2003

More stupid shite - Yeah, right on...What's the big friggin deal anyway...Surf in HKG sucks. Cool place, but not for surfing. Let them pose all they like. You ask me, Bali is it, dudes...The HKG guy getting way defensive. Chill, bro...

By anonymous , 29-07-2003

no title - haha, i agree, this spot should be deleted, who ever added this must be a kook, if anything they should have added tap mun. i also agree, that most surfer in hk care more about their image then actual surfing but that is common everywhere these days. also HKG seems kind of defensive. Could he be the fool that added this spot. he sure knows how to kiss hong kong's ass though.

By anonymous , 28-07-2003

to both the stupid shites - HKG??? is this airport talk or something...HKG. Maybe the stupid shite guy is in fact from HK...G but just stating the fact that most surfers in HKg do seem to be posers. So don't make any assumptions that may make you look stupid..HKG.

By anonymous , 22-07-2003

to the stupid shite - HKG is an incredible city. One minute you've got Asia's money machine, next you've got beautiful natural surroundings, and yes, waves to top it off. Don't give me or anyone shit about close-out waves or designer surfers, cuz it comes with the beautiful package. You complainin', then get your trashy ass outta here, back to where the "real" surf is then...Problem is, you'll be shacking it out wherever the hell you're from, cuz it's the top quality of life that brings you here in HKG to begin with, right? You trashy filth. HKG is the coolest place you wanna be in, so don't give readers any grief. I've had it with trashy people complaining/comparing to other spots. Reality check: Love it or shack it out back where you belong...

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