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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hong Kong

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By Canada west coast surfer , 13-12-2002

Moving to Guanzhou - I'm moving to Guangzhou soon, If anyone knows how far that is from the surf spots in Hong Kong could you please tell me. I also need to know what kind of wet suits to bring (if I need to bring any at all). I don't wanna show up unprepared so if you could help me out with this and any other info I might need to know I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Peace

By anonymous , 04-12-2002

no title - try the quiksilver shop in CB , up in the roxy section they have baords/fins/etc

By p , 03-12-2002

knee boards - does anyone know where I could get knee boards or good quality boogie boards in HK?

By , 29-11-2002

wahh - apparently a board made in China is around 3000 or so ,i'll find out.
a 9ft might be too long for HK , maybe you can surf out in sai kung

By anonymous , 29-11-2002

boards in china - how much would it cost to have a board shaped in china? anywhere to get one store/factory bought in china? if so how much?

By , 29-11-2002

Is there a good English written HK surfing website? - Just went onto Can't read Chinese! Is there a good English written one (if there's a 'English' button, I can't find it!)?


By y , 29-11-2002

Longboard Surfing in HK - Hey all. I will be in HK in mid-December and am stoked to find out that there's surfing there! My ride's a 9 footer, and my usual break is off 38th in Capitola, NorCal. I'd like to find out if there are breaks in HK for longboarders. Is it possible to rent gear there?

Thanks much for the info!

By anonymous , 29-11-2002

jsu - i mean The big wave bay next to shekO
unless your looking for a longboard (by lookin at your name) duuno haha..yeh china

By anonymous , 29-11-2002

yeh - yep you can , but a new one is quite alot , esp in HK. you can rent boards at Shek O , shortboards and long floaties from memory, or you can get a cheaper one made in China heh

By chick longboarder , 28-11-2002

no title - does anyone sell boards in Kong Kong, came over a little unprepared for the swell here, gonna be around for a little while, so would be good to get a board here, any suggestions??

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