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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hong Kong

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By Sunset Cliffs , 27-09-2003

Where to go, where to stay... - Yours truly and a few friends will find ourselves dropped in the center of downdown HK for a few days, being seasoned SOCAL surfers, is it better to try and stay and surf up at sai kung? Or to stick with the southern breaks? Sticks for all occasions are in the quiver. Also, where would be the best place to stay, not ever having been to HK?


By anonymous , 16-09-2003

Finally! - Hey man, love to surf, wouldn't mind gettin' media and being in a short vid. This is amazing, i've been searchin' for surfass out here, moved last year from socal, and it's been tough! anyone wanna help me out with conditions and where it's goin' off, please let me know! i can't be out there all the time, cuase of school and shit! mucho appreciated

By anonymous , 28-08-2003

no title - hmmm, no surf in kowloon :( but nothings ever too far in HK... if u want to know the various spots in hk just go to . Most of everything you need to know is there. Public transportation is pretty cheap and it's cheaper if you buy an Octopus card if you're really tight for cash. Post something up here or sign up to sixrounds if you have any more questions.

By anonymous , 26-08-2003

Surf in Kowloon - I'm looking to study abroad in a year at City University of Hong Kong in Kowloon. Does anyone know if there is any surf around there, preferably close...will be tight for cash.

By , 29-07-2003

need local knowledge - hey, i'm going on a trip for a study abroad and i will be in the hong kong area around the 16th to 21st of sept. do any of you have any recomendations of where to get a board for the week or so? any other help as far as transportation to spots and which ones to hit would be great. email me with any suggestions or just post them. thanks.

By nobody , 21-07-2003

Believe it ! - I am a transplant from HK to hawaii. Surfed in hawaii since 9 yrs old still surfing now 27 then went hk two years ago with wife and found majestic waves and hooked up with fascinating people. The back country in HK in quite nice they call it sai kung. must be with locals to take you or else definitely will be lost. night life is incredible.

By Goat Boat , 10-05-2003

HKWSA - Can anyone tell me if there's a wave ski association in HK yet? I'm moving there soon (I ride a wave ski) and I met a guy in Bali who used to live in HK who said that Big Wave Bay near Shek O is a good place for wave skis.

By hoo-yah , 04-04-2003

need translation - rafael domeyko, wherever you are, you're translations skills are needed. get in contact with me via the consulate. i'm in the same office that i was at in '88

By 4-mile beach , 26-03-2003

francesco suarez - where are you man? still surfing fung-bay? get in touch.
-el chileno

By Jacky , 28-01-2003

Update Big Wave Bay(HK))/Tai Long Wan surf report - I update Big Wave Bay(HK))/Tai Long Wan surf report/condition regularly and will put the update message and photo into my web-site : Please feel free to join in, leave message and place photo into the web-site for updating surf reports. By doing this, I hope this will benefit to all surfers.

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