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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hong Kong

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By Jeffro! , 12-01-2006

I can bring USA made boards & surfgoods to HK - aloha Hong Kong,

I'm coming to Hong Kong over CNY and I'm thinking about bringing some new boards over.

since I'm on business trip my overhead is pretty low I can get boards over there pretty cheap.

here are the brands I have easy access to:
lost, channel islands, roger hinds, M10, gordon and smith, surftech and other light epoxys, rusty, minami, RP, santa cruz,doug haut, hawaiian island creations. most of these board are hand shaped in the US.

I can also bring over accessories like leashes, fins, waxes.

Just let me know which brand you like and the specs(nose, rocker, rails, tail, fin setups etc) I can try find it for you.

Please email your wish list to

please dont ask for price yet since different boards have different price anyways. and i can let you know how much it is once i found your selection.



By , 07-01-2006

I need a surfguide in HK - Hi.
My name is Takumi.
I got this e-mail address on wannasurf.
I will go to HK on business from 18th, Wednesday.
For 21st and 22nd, can you surguide for me?

In addition, is it possible to rent a board? I can bring
my board to HK; but, it is risky and expensive. If I can
rent a board there, that will be the best.

Please kindly reply to me including surguide fee.


By JR , 06-12-2005

swell up? - hey fellas,

coming over to hk for 2 months, i am a keen surfer from qld in australia, wanna know if it is worth bringing the board over, any locals help out?


By Tom , 05-11-2005

Anyone know of places to buy boards in HK???? - I'm a college student from America but I'm studying in Spring 2006 @ HKUST. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a board in Hong Kong, cuz I'm liking the waves I see on this website. I'm from Central Florida, so the only real waves we get are during Hurricane season.....lookin forward to HK....Thanks for any help with my quest for a board...........

By , 27-09-2005

Surf Guide Wanted - I am in Hong Kong first week of October05 from Australia.I will surf around HK or further.It would be good to meet someone to surf with who knows where to go secret spots etc i would be stoked.Rob.

By , 12-09-2005

Used Board - Anyone have a used board for sale?
Looking for used stick that's 6'6" or longer.

By bonkers , 01-09-2005

Itching to Surf - Anyone want to go surfing, I am looking to go with somebody who knows where we can get some waves.

By , 15-08-2005

hk surfing - I founded the H Surfing Assoication in 1994 and ran the Quiksilver contest in 97,98,99 and the Rip Curl Cup in 2003. Surf is really crowded now. Too many kooks and a lot of wanna b locals who just moved to HK who rented a flat at near the beach but cant speak the local language and were'nt even born in HK. But the swell can be really good. Usually flat but can get up to 15-16 foot faces. A few secret spots with good solid bali type barrels, if you can find them can still get a few empty waves. Wetsuits for winter. X-mas is almost always good in the NE Monsoon seasons. Summer June-Aug is Typhoon season..huge swells. First timers just goto Big Wave Bay on HK Island and say Hi to a surfer and they will tune you in to the main breaks. Don't drop in unless you are a pro. Best time to surf is sunset or sunrise where crowds not too bad. Best is tide coming in for almost all breaks.


By surf hk , 04-08-2005

board 4 sale - hey i live in hk and i want to sell my board its a 5'8" wing swallow tail shaper:secco i bought it in brazil use to belong to a surf photographer so its a rly good preformance board

By , 05-07-2005

hey there - hey there!
going to fly to hk tonight from the canary islands, just wanted to know what surf spots are hot in hong kong for this time of the year, and where i could rent a surf board cause i found it kinda impossible to bring mine... if u wanna join moi: . - jenny

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