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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Hong Kong

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By xxshortboarderxx , 26-09-2002

So. Cal. to Hong Kong - Whats up?
I am moving there from Dana Point California (Lower tresles, Salt Creek, etc are my breaks) and wanted to know what the conditions over there are like. Does it get big, clean, and hollow, or what????

By fisherking , 16-09-2002

october should be good - october swell this year should be good despite all that el nino shit, matt- did you go out to tlw HK last sunday...
are u from hk? (malaysia?)
my emails

By , 14-09-2002

whoops - hey, forgot to answer u question... i've been surfing for a little over a year now... i have a 6'3" board... only surfed it once cuz i've missed all the other surf days this summer and that was only like 2 or 3.. :(


By , 14-09-2002

winter - so, 'anonymous' what's ur predictions for this winter? how's the surf gonna be? u got e-mail or msn messenger or anything?


By anonymous , 13-09-2002

sk lantau... - OF course your Matt ive spoken to you before, didnt realise you changed your email....
yeah like i said i long board surf mainly got a 7'4 as well for those bigger days ,,,,there havent been many recently . How long have you been surfing,,anyways?
ive tried lantau this summer.... its ok in the right conditions but not really that great,,,better than nothing though! prefer tlw sk though anytime..

By , 13-09-2002

longboard - hey,

i longboard skate... i don't longboard surf... i would love to.. but there too hard transporting around in hong kong... so yeah... u longboard skate or surf?

matt (that's my name)

By lives to Nose Ride , 12-09-2002

fareast longbaorder - There aren't many longboarders in Hk. U must be one of them. Do you surf here alot? whats your real name?

By , 10-09-2002

heyyy - hey ern, i dropped you a couple e-mails so check em out...


p.s what's ur real name

By , 10-09-2002

Nooo!!! - Typhoon 8, nice winds but I cant go boarding because of damn classes.................

By , 10-09-2002

Yo Matt! - Hey there. Was wondering if you still surf in Hong Kong. Tried to send you an e-mail at but seems like your account is flooded with porn :) Send me an e-mail at

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