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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hong Kong

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By anonymous , 28-11-2002

also... - anyone ever made a surf flick in HK? i plan to put together sth small , nothing spech , but based around HK surf , well its got 5 seconds from OZ , but thats it..any ideas? stars ? haha
well if yousee a guy with a small skinny guy with a digi cam in a ziplock bag , it might be me!

By jsu , 28-11-2002

brrrrr - PLEASE tell me its not cold yet? last christmas i was the only retard in the water with a spring suit =( ,but this time i'll come back armed witha 3/2 , but i hear its not cold yet , any info? also what about the chueng sha wan beach?

By Matt. , 24-10-2002

Hong Kong Longboard Skating Association - Hey,

the HKLSA has just been founded by me, if you longskate or are interested visit my website or e-mail me at

Ride on.

By Dinger , 21-10-2002

Surf comp 16th ,17th - Does anyone have any information on the surf comp? And will it be cool to surf down there while it is on? Wo will be in it and how do you enter? It might be worth being in it to get some uncrowded waves!!

By , 17-10-2002

surfing hong kong - hey dinger, be sure to check out the surfing comp in tai long wan sai kung... nov. 16th-17th... ummm you should bring a 6'2''+ board but not more than 7ft i reckon. There aren't any reef breaks in hk, only beach breaks.. the best waves are in tai long wan in sai kung... a 3/2 full or spring will do fine.


By Dinger , 16-10-2002

Surfing Hong Kong - Hi, I am coming to surf in November from Europe, can anyone tell me whether it is worth bringing more than a 6 ft board. Are there any reef breaks? And where can you find quality waves in and around Hong Kong China? Will a 3/2 wettie be ok.

Many thanks

By anonymous , 11-10-2002

bwb photos - someone submit some more big wave bay photos please!!!!

By Jan Luo , 07-10-2002

Surf spots on Hainan? - Hi there!

Wondering if anyone help me with infos about surf / surfspots on the
chinese island Hainan?

ThankX in advance

Jan Luo

By , 07-10-2002

next week surf - anybody got a prediction for next weeks surf? those NE swells gonna hold up for a while?


By , 29-09-2002

hey - Hey..

winter is best for surfing around here... it's starting right now infact.. on a good day most spots can get big and quite hollow but usually it's not very glassy, sorta sloppy, but nevertheless very surfable.. Check out tai long wan in sai kung


Whats up? I am moving there from Dana Point California (Lower tresles, Salt Creek, etc are my breaks) and wanted to know what the conditions over there are like. Does it get big, clean, and hollow, or what????

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