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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South China Sea


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By simon , 01-09-2008

the is good or not near sanya in otocber - Hi , i just want to know , if i can surf in october near Sanya , and the wave it is big ??? thank you for your reply

By Anonymous , 26-05-2008

Hainan Waves - I went traveling through Hainan and was lucky enough to be there during a good swell and it was very good. Good waves, lonely lineups, what else could you ask for! Word of caution though, I bought one of the locally made Monran surboards and it was of the lowest quality! The custom board I had made snapped during my second session of chest high waves!



By grimey , 15-05-2008

go hainan - from october till may the north east systems produce good quality surf...the south swells and typhoons after that can be good too...just hit the coastline between haikou and sanya ,there are heaps of spots,only a few that are offshore but,i love heavy grinding barrels and ive had plenty...there are heaps of mellow longboarders waves too...keep your eye in magicseaweed and you will be rewarded

By Anonymous , 13-05-2008

Summer Surf - JPO,
I'm also Filipino but I'm stuck in Tianjin, 2 hour-drive from Beijing. Are you still working in the area? Did you get to surf last Oct?

By Anonymous , 15-11-2007

From Hawaii to China - aloha! I'm thinking of taking a trip to China in the spring and I'm wondering about surf there April-June. I have no clue about the best spots water temps, bring a board or rent? I've surfed all over the U.S. Mexico and the Philippines but would really like to surf China. I'm always looking for an adventure however i need some help with a place to start. Any info would be helpful! thanks and Cheers <>< Rachel ><>

By m , 19-09-2007

fresh - Taiwaness girl is a freshman of Guangzhou university (chinese medicine and arcupuncture) now.i brought my surfboard here and hope exploring south china sea.i will try to go hainan island on 29th SEP .my

By JPO , 30-08-2007

Possible Surf Trip to Hainan in Oct...Help Please? - Hey guys!

Filipino longboarder in Beijing for the next two years. I've been here for a week and the "itch" for the water is starting to get to me, so...

I've been strongly advised to leave Beijing during the big Oct 1-7 holiday, and am seriously thinking of lining up a surf trip to Hainan with a possible sidetrip to HK that long week. That said, I wanted to ask the people who've done Hainan:

a) How's the surf end of Sept/Early Oct? I assume that it follows the South Swell/North Swell patterns of the South China Sea?
b) Where should i base myself? It looks like Sanya is the best place, but if I can, I'd rather avoid the craziness of Sanya and just surf for a few days, so anywhere else close to the good breaks on the East Coast? (Sun Moon Bay)? Or, can anyone tell me how far it is from Sanya to SM Bay and the breaks?
c) Does anyone rent boards out there? I'd love to get my hands on a 2+1 9'6" but I'll take a fish as well.
d) Heard about the Monsan Surf Coy. from the forum, based in Haikou. Anyone have details and prices for boards?

Thanks, guys, it's either this or Xinjiang in the West of China, which is pretty awesome too but it isn't surfable at all. 'Ppreciate any help guys!


By Tom Wants To Surf In China , 17-07-2007

Surf in China?! - Hello everybody,
i am a french guy who loves to surf, but now i am working in China, Beijing.
I am looking for some surf spots in China!! I went to hainan but no waves the time i went there, and last week end i went to Qingdao, some waves can be surfed i think, but no one seemed to know about surfing....
So if you know something about the surf possibilities in China, tell me!! i would be pleased to organise a surftrip!!

See Ya


By , 16-03-2007

Surfing in Hainan - My wife, who is Chinese, and I are moving to Hainan in mid April. We are living in Guilin now. We will be there from 6-12 months. We are thinking of getting an apartment in Wanning. I heard this is a great place in terms of being close to a lot of good surf breaks, including Shimei Bay. Any advice about this? Anyone want to do some day trips to different surf breaks? I ride an 8-0 Walden epoxy board. I surf Florida, Costa Rica, all over El Salvador, and have a small house in Mexico near some great left point breaks. I would be happy to exchange information about any of these. I surfed Shangchuan Island off the China coast on two different trips last year and was really disappointed. Even when it was head high, it was closed out nearly everyday.

Peter Schilling

By , 14-03-2007

work in hainan to surf here - I am a chef living in shanghai working as a teacher going down to find work teaching again if I cant find a cooking job any assitance would be great, I just wanna surf and love the lifestyle here

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