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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East China Sea


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By Anonymous , 20-05-2010

Surf in Fujian - i have been living in Fuzhou for a year and scored few good sessions around, especially in northern Fujian. Always alone, obviously. Best seasons is from August to October, where you can get headhigh surf at the right time at the right place.. Let me know if you come around, i would be happy to share some waves..

By Anonymous , 20-02-2010

Jared - I am a jersey shore surfer and going to be in Shanghai March 11-18th on a study trip with Rutgers. Looks like everyone says there no waves except for the one comment from Lucas about the waves down south. Whats the deal? Can I rent something if I get some luck and a typhoon comes through?

By Anonymous , 31-01-2010

Surfing Fuzhou @ Lucas - Hey Lucas,
ill be reaching Fuzhou at the end of february 2010 and i will stay for a while as well. Im planning to bring a travelboard with me. Did you get to surf yet? are there any shops around where you can buy a board? Maybe we can meet there.

By Anonymous , 06-10-2009

Well, I scored. - I got really good waves in Shantou and the public "Dragon and Tiger Beach Park" in fron t of the Citic hotel (Zhongxin dujiachun jiudian) right in front of the Mazu Eikon at Longhu Beach. The Mazu Eikon is the huge goddess statue, I named the break after her. I scored glassy, hollow, chest to head high LONG sandbar waves that looked like huge boat wakes! I've surfed Hatteras to Desert Point, Mavericks to Alabama Point and the waves I scored in Shantou were a blast, anyone would have been stoked to join me!

I am from NorCal but spent a bit of time on the US East Coast- predicting swell here is the same as the East Coast i.e. cold fronts and tropical systems, watch the maps, be there at the right time and you will score.

There are countless points, reefs, coves, bays, river mouths, jetties and beaches- way more variety than California! I think hiring a boat to explore on a good swell is the best idea, because land access can be difficult. I have no doubt there are world-class waves waiting to be found, it just might take 50 years before the coast is fully explored.

By Anonymous , 01-03-2009

surfers around Fuzhou - is there any surfers in Fuzhou or around?
i ll be there in 1 month and ll stay for 2 years.. any guys motivated to explore the coast, let me know..

By Lucas , 02-07-2008

Surf near Xiamen? - Hi guys,

I'm gonna spend six months in Xiamen. Does anyone know if there are any surf spots close to Xiamen? Haven't heard of a single one..

By Chris , 14-06-2008

China surfing alternative - Ok, so surfing in China is not a hit, but what about other alternatives, such as windsurfing, or kitesurfing?

I have been traveling in China for many years, but now I am looking for permanent work, and it would be great if I could find a good windsurfing place. But I guess I am doubtfull to if windsurfing is the best surf optin there is.

Ps. I know that Shanotu city in GUangdong province used to have there own Windsurfing team , but that is already more then ten years ago...

By Anonymous , 08-08-2007

No surf in Ningbo - There is no surf anywhere near Ningbo. There are only a few lousy beaches in tourist trap areas. You can check and ask the locals there.

By Anonymous , 08-08-2007

waves in china? - Is there at least swell somewhere? I dont surf but paddle surf skis and have been looking but no such luck. Somewhere near Ningbo would be awesome.

By Anonymous , 15-01-2007

Storms - Hey, what about Typhoon season? In Canada (where i learned to surf on the west side of Vancouver Island) storms are always the best time to surf. Actually ususaly RIGHT after the storm is over, when the waves have calmed down a bit.

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