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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Western Sahara

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By Enimeny22 , 9 Oct

I want be there. - I want be there. It one of my dreams. I need use help writing english paper to have more time and go there.

By Sahara surfer , 27-03-2012

Moroccan Sahara - Western sahara doesn't exist, You will see it yourself if you get the chance to go there.

By Sahara surfer , 20-05-2011

surfing western sahara - we organise surf trips to western sahara,

By line up maroc , 05-12-2010

no visa for real surfers !!! - no matter what you call it ;;the waves and also the land should be open to every one no descrimination respect the locals ;;no bad vibes imported to such virgin surf spots ;;;remenber waves has no frontiers ;;

By Anonymous , 19-04-2010

fuerte ventura - dreams about having sahara waves aregone with the wind ;;magicsahara waves are moroccan the flag will tell u the same ;;you welcomekeep ur appartheid away;;;viva saharamaroqui

By Anonymous , 22-09-2008

below the surface - Sounds like great potential. Only problem are the landmines. The countryside is riddled with them courtesy of the instability this region copped in the past. Might want an armoured vehicle if you wanna venture there...

By Joseph , 18-09-2008

South Morocco - If you want to go tou south Morocco, you can Fly to Casablanca airport and go by Bus to the south. Western Sahara is administrated by moroccan Authorities, there is no Border between Morocco an W.Sahara, the currency is the Moroccan dirham, the people are Moroccan civilians with moroccan papers.

A good Spot is Dakhla, sun all over the Year, top place for Windsurfers and specially one of the best spots in the World for Kitesurf.

By Anonymous , 27-05-2008

NOT MORROCCO!!! - i live in fuerteventura and surf/have surfed western sahara many times and i can tell you that THIS IS NOT MORROCCO!!!

western sahara is a country unto itself and you don't even need to touch morrocco to get there, unless of course you travel over land from north to south.

take a plane or boat and you can miss morrocco completely.

by the way, the saharauis (as the people are called) are MOST DEFINITELY NOT morroccan either!

waech out for land mines when travelling off the beaten track!!!!!

By teddy allen , 11-03-2008

Where do you fly in? - Just curious where the best airport is to fly into Western Sahara to find the surf?

By Younes , 11-03-2008

Morocco - Not Western Sahara - The felow guy who wrote the 1st comment is right. These part of the Sahara is Moroccan. You need a Moroccan via to get there, all the flags there will remind you about it... Thanks

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