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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 10-08-2010

- i surfed this spot in 1998 and there was a board hanging up in the bar .a long paddle have a look down the coast you will be suprised.hello harley.

By richard , 28-06-2010

- I will be coming in October, what sort of waves are there in Z'bar? This website doesnt really give a great description!!

By Anonymous , 22-10-2009

- any chance of borrowing two boards anywhere in zanzibar/tanzania over the next ten days??

By Anonymous , 19-07-2009

Surf in spt-oct - Does anybody Knows if there are good waves in september/october in zanzibar? I am going there and I would like to know if worths to bring my boards...tks!

By Anonymous , 04-07-2009

- No Place fro rent Surfboard in znz the re are only 2 surfer in the island me and Chris!!! if you came bring all the equipmant!!!

By Anonymous , 23-02-2008

Tom - Same question as before, I`m going tot Zanzibar for 2 weeks, any place where surfboards can be rent?

By Anonymous , 17-01-2008

Surfboard rentals? - Is there a place to rent surfboards on Zanzibar or is it just byo? Possibility to rent boards from locals? Going in mid Feb.Grateful for any tip

By anderea , 18-08-2007

Back from NUNGWI - I've been in Zanzibar.

By paddling:
from Nungwi walk in the beach north and east, pass the lighthouse and you'll see waves far away.
You can go and leave your stuff at the beach in front of Sazani Hotel or Ras Nungwi Hotel. Then you have to paddle A LOT (from the beach they can't see you).There was no current when i was there (only a little one carrying me north)

By boat:
contact chris (he is a surfer and "Zanzibar Watersports" manager) for arranging a boat (if he's not busy) or contact Micheal (Sazani manager). (they have 2 centers: one is near Amaan Bungalows, one is inside Ras Nungwi hotel)

otherwise you can ask some fishermen in Nungwi beach or join some diving/fishing tour asking for a lift. Fishermen don't know where are the spots (some of them don't understand what you are going to do) so tell them to go in front of Sazani or Ras Nungwi.

I didn't see sharks.

I saw right handers also in Kizimkazi (in the south of the island) with a lot of dolphins.

bad zoom picture

By anderea , 31-07-2007

Which indication - Hi, I'm going to Zanzibar.
How do I get to the spots? Do fishermen know where to go? Where are left handers?


By Seb_QC , 05-04-2007

sharks - are there a lot of sharks, knowing its in the indian it a big threat out there? im thinking about accepting a job down in zanzibar..i want to know if the surf is worth it. thanks

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