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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South Africa

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By kenklems , 02-11-2010

lefts - what are the best lefts in zaff? im talking jbay like... but left.

By Josh , 01-11-2010

Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows the top 5 or 6 breaks from Cape Town - prt Elizabeth????

By Just Another Surfer , 03-10-2010

Dont support Shark Cage Diving - Shark attacks on surfers in South Africa are increasing rapidly, and this could be due to the vast number of tourists going Shark Cage Diving. If you are thinking about doing it, read the facts on this website first, before putting yourself and the local surfers at risk.

By Anonymous , 22-12-2009

Jobs - im going to sa in january and am going to be looking for work as a surf instructor or beach lifeguard permenantly in april does anyone have any advice or helpful info?

By Seth , 15-12-2008

Famous/best spot answer - I think its safe to say most Saffa surfers would agree that Jeffreys Bay a.k.a Supertubes is the best and most famous wave, surfers all over the world know of it...Im from Durban so im not bias in any way

By Anonymous , 13-12-2008

famos surf spot - i just wanna ask, which is the famous/best surf spot in SA??
tnx for answer

By Anonymous , 19-11-2008

Going to SA Dec-Jan - Hey yallo

Im coming down to your beautiful country to surf for 2 weeks and I have a few questions.

1) Is a 3/2 wetsuit adequate for Cape Town?

2) I will be flying in and out of Cape Town, traveling around by car in between. Is there a place in Cape Town where I can rent a nice short board for 2 weeks?

3)I will be traveling with a kitesurfer. Can you recommend a good beach that is good for both of us?

4)Can you recommend some nice places to stay right next to good surf spots all around SA?

Thanks alot maytes!

By Anonymous , 19-02-2008

Coming to SA - I will be in SA in March with a U17 Rugby tour from Canada. For fun we would like to spend a couble of days in Durban and would like to Surf/boogie board. Where can we rent 10 or so surf/bogie boards and who has the best surf school?

By Anonymous , 07-01-2008

SA surfers Paranoid!??? - I dont reckon SA surfers are paranoid bru, dont come here with that impression okes, maybe just realistic with crime being what it is and wotnot. Can someone please update the swell info cause its totally incorrect. Can someone please tell me also how its possible that the poms in UK have almost as many spots as us!!? We have hundreds more that hav'nt been put up yet!? Dont necessarily need to give up all the goods hey, just a teaser here and there, why not!?

By Anonymous , 07-11-2007

SA is lekker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Coolest country, warmest people and some of the best most consistent waves on the planet!!!

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