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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South J Bay

South Africa

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By marco , 08-08-2009

- Just came back from JBay and found very nice people in the water. The first day I surfed, a local surfer show me the channel to go in and out, better know it if you don't wanna be stuck on sharping mussels rocks..
This place is cool in comparaison with other top spots I ve been. I live on Reunion Island and surfers are not so friendly in St Leu for example. Any way, if you are cool in the water it s most likely that locals will be. Great wave, great scenery and great people in Jbay. Go to wax cafe for great food.

By twiggs , 05-05-2009

Still cooking - J Bay is still cooking. 4-8ft waves have been coming thru every day for almost 2 weeks.
Also Aloha Afrika Backpackers is the place to stay.
Been getting some sick photos.

By Anonymous , 21-01-2008

helpfull advice needed - hey i was born in SA but moved to canada when i was a kid and now im finnaly going back after 11 question is where is a good place to go bodyboarding in jbay.lately ive been goin back and forth to newport beach cali AKA the wedge and that surf is sick.also whats the swell like this time of year,ill be heading there in feb for 6 weeks and hoping its if there is a place like wedge in jbay please ct me back and let me know.

By mrhappy , 04-10-2007

JBay4evah - c'mon dude clearly Mr Uk fool is revving u to the max , Scotland does get killer waves but so does the the Arctic and we are not all rushing off there to surf frigid waters with killer whales . Careful you dont go beleiving in Nessie.

By Baz Wilkinson , 23-08-2007

Sweet new hostel in JBAY - hey, just got home (WA)and scored what some of the locals were calling the swell of the decade, 8-10ft Supers for 5 days straight. Anyone heading out that way should check out Ubuntu Lodge, really good deal, cool vibes and a sweet view of the surf at the top of the point. The owners are a young couple who both surf, and were super welcoming. website is
Livin the Dream!

By Anonymous , 12-08-2007

You Want to Surf It! - I have moved to Oz. Before moving, I surfed J-Bay a number of times. It is just the best surf spot and surf trip you could ever imagine.

I would adivse anyone on a budget or not to go for it. It caters for the smallest budget (camping) up to the biggest (Staying at Supers with a view of the wave). Best in June & July. But it does get waves all year round with April, May and August being favourites as well and not very crowded at all. If you get it good in December, you can surf in board shorts!

By JayBay 4Evah! , 16-04-2007

UK Surf Sucks - Brah, what you been smokin? Sure the Uk gets some surf, but beats Africa?? Neva in your wildest dreams you KOOK!

By , 02-04-2007

info - Most spots are pretty good to stay at, Dreamland & a couple others on the beach at Supers is perfect, down the otherside of town is Island Vibe! Spowy is best for boards, been riding his for about 15 years, top quality!
Look at spending about R3500 a piece. enjoy! watchout for the big black fishes!

By , 17-03-2007

jBay Info... - heyguys... just chasing a little info concerning jbay. Im heading over there in August for 3 weeks and im wondering if anyone could recomend a good hostel. Also i was thinking about ordering a few boards from some local shapers, so if someone could recomend some good shapers, mabey their details if they know them and an idea of prices.
cheers people.

By Edward James McWothelle III , 11-11-2006

The UK has better waves than J Bay - Why would you want to leave the UK for boring old Africa. You've got really good fish n chips there. I surfed at the Isle of Wight and it was ripping up. I was getting major air. Southend gets really good on a big New Zealand swell. Africa sucks with all those dangerous animals there ready to attack. I hated it there. Scotland gets really good in winter. There are places there that have awesome bowl sections. You need to explore your own country more.

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