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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Victoria bay

South Africa, South George

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By saffasurfer , 15-03-2007

gem spot - This is one of the best spots I surfed in SA!! Probably caught it on a good day, few people out, rockin!!! The locals are friendly dudes, no doubt! Wicked fun wave all in all.

By anon , 12-12-2004

web view - midafricam dot co dot za
check it live,
image refreshes every 60 seconds.

By Mars , 19-11-2004

Good spot - Awesome spot on the way to Jbay from the Mother city. Very crowded during Summer holidays.

By anonymous , 25-07-2004

- WTF?????/ theres know info about this spot, not even where it is!!!!! why bother putting it on here if yer not going to tell where it is!!!!

By anonymous , 16-05-2004

Awesome spot - One of the most awesome spots that I ve surfed. Gets a bit crowded though especially during the term brakes. Seen some Dolphin s and the place gets pretty gnarly over 6ft.

By corné , 30-04-2003

aus - Im sitting in aussie now and we dont have bad waves here, like at the gold coast there is this place called snapper rocks and the waves go on for sooo long they go up to north kirra and that is +- 3-4kms, i just wanna say that i miss vic bay so much its a sick spot to surf,

By but nice showers , 14-03-2003

Unpleasantly crowded - Have been down a few times, but never really had it good. Its also exceptionally crowded, like midweek morning, during school term, and there were 25 guys out. The vibe in the water was pretty mellow, but if you're not prepared to sit on the rock, you just aint gonna get a wave.

Head on to Mossels/Buffs for less crowded waves, coz this place is a crowd magnet.

By Marty , 17-04-2002

Vic Bay - Surfed there in 96 on a 6 - 7foot day. Not a bad wave. Listen for a couple of local crew claiming an incoming wave with shouts of "I'm all over it Bru..." Inspiring stuff.

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