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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Outer pool

South Africa, South George

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By The Centre , 09-01-2012

- Outerpool is indeed a powerful wave. I am not a very well traveled surfer, only having surfed in Mossel Bay and the surrounding area, but what I can say, although I have surfed spots that are way more technical to ride, and have surfed bigger waves at spots that have a bigger capacity for size, the bottom section of Outerpool still trumps any of these spots in sheer power, and on a good 6-8ft day, it will swallow you, chew you up, and spit you out like a peace of bubblegum. I will surf this spot for as big as it can handle without breaking wide, but once it breaks wide, I steer clear of it, purely because at the end of the wave, past the bottom section, there is a shelf of rocks, and if you end up there and a set comes and slams you into them, you will be lucky to get out of there with all your limbs still attached. Forget the sharks, the wave will give you enough to worry about.

By James , 11-10-2009

Hard to relax - Its a very hard place to enjoy your surfing because you are worried about what else is swimming out there.
No matter what. Too risky
I spoke to a local and said since he started surfing he's probably sighted about 100 whites in the water during that time

By Tremayne Cornish , 07-09-2009

CORRECTION - There has been a shark attack at Inner Pool. Gideon Scheltema in the early 70's. At that time we only had 4 or 5 locals who surfed there regularly. I was lucky enough to be one of them. Still one of th ebest waves I have surfed anywhere. Ding-Dang, close to th eIsland was another favourite spot in those days.

By Anonymous , 14-02-2009

- Outer Pool = Pipeline?!??!? bwahahahaha great spot, guys, but let's be honest... Pipe?

By asd , 27-04-2006

saty - i saw a grey suited local today...i almost had a heart attack. never coming here again

By anonymous , 26-10-2005

Sick Spot ! - Outerpool is proberbly one of the best spots in SA ( and heaviest ). Someone from Mossel Bay who has surfed all over the world said that the locals who surf outerpool will be able to handel Pipe/Backdoor pretty easily, that`s saying something about the spot and the locals.

By West Oz Mike , 15-07-2004

Mossels is good - Spent some time here in 2000, and surfed uncrowded waves infront of the surf shack backpackers at inners and outers, then went did a shark cage dive at seal island nearby, saw 6 whites, biggest 5m, experience of a lifetime, but left the next day never to surf there again. Apparently 9 surfs out of 10 in mossel bay (probably rest of SA) they reckon theres a bitey checking you out from below. I don't often give compliments but he local surfers at mossel are some of the nicest (and craziest) surfers I've come across - respect.

By Globetrotter , 03-06-2004

Good spot - Outers is a fast Wave and it gets pretty shallow quickly. Inners is a more "chilled spot" with a nice "Peanut" rock right in the middle and your ride ends against a tidal pool. Go to the left of the tidal pool to paddle out
to both Inners and Outers. On the way back use the same spot for a quick exit.
Peanut"s slab bang in the middle of Inners and has suprised a few novices to the spot. Mid to end Decemeber its pretty crowded. A section of the wave barrels nicely if you can make it. A good spot for taking pictures and video's. There has never been any shark attacks at Inner pool...I have many a times considered a Nite Inners as the Floodlights lights part of the break..but don't want to be part of the maincourse on a Great White' s Supper Menu! As a Globetrotter I always look forward to get back to these breaks.

By anonymous , 05-02-2004

to Peg Legs comment - I would just like to correct the misconception about the appetite of the sharks in mbay.The island(2 km)is more about 5km away and the sharks main food supply lives on this island,a whole seal collony.
C,enough for everyone and that's waves that is.

By Starvin Marvin , 12-11-2003

Rad! - It's an awsome spot with loads of power,more than I expected,it breaks in sections that are makeable,with the bottom section exceptionally shallow and really really hollow.The spot is quite heavy, but awsome!

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