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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Yellow sands point

South Africa, East London

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By francisco , 27-09-2006

Not top 30 - I have to agree with anonymous, this is not a top 30 wave. Not by a long shot. I grew-up in EL and surfed yellows tons. Yeah, it’s a nice wave but can’t be compared to a world class wave like j-bay, Puerto Escondido, Hossegor, Barra, Pipe, etc, etc. Even if you surf it on your own it’s still not a world-class wave. Remember, it’s the quality of the wave that counts not the atmosphere.

By anonymous , 04-04-2006

- I'm kinda agreeing with both of u (Homeless & anon).It gets really good!!so fun, so much speed...but not that good!And the old bally locals really suck..alot-they can hardly ride a wave or do anything on them yet they still hassle u (esp. if ur a booger like me)

By Get Real , 26-11-2005

Top 30 blah...blahh... blahhh - There seem to be more top 30 waves in the world in South Africa than top 40 songs in the music industry.

By Holmless , 31-03-2005

Anon... heavy oak - hehe thats why you left your name anon? If you going to make a statement, State Your Name... I wrote the article in 2002 and since then have surfed all over the world, I can honestly say that any spot that can be scored alone when it is cranking is a top 30 competitor... Enjoy it.

By anonymous , 24-02-2005

and just ANOTHER top 30 - I guess south africa must be the very best place in the world to be a surfer... 'cause you guys seem to have a top 30 spot every corner... it's a shame you never have those kickass photos of that kickass day when the spot was so firing that it made pipeline seem like a sloppy s#*t... oh well... as I said before, get a life... and try to be just a little more humble...

By David , 31-05-2004

Yellows Submarines - Grew up surfing Yellows - Kak on an onshore but kicks down with the right swell and wind. The point will humble you so leave your nancy attitude behind. Tons of great breaks around the area and the occasional nude girl. Big ass submarines swimming around tho - scary. Best dawnies i've ever had. Smoking fatties and riding phatties Ahhh the memories.

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