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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East London

South Africa

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By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

many more spots than 14 - 14 spots...theres about a good 70-90 spots on this small coast

By swanie , 04-09-2006

Dont give youe secrete away?? - I was born surfed up in CE I currently live in cornwal uk I have to deal with Hundreds of surfers they are like blady flies mate.Don't give your secrets away If the surf flood gates open surfers wont benifit only surf shops will and I want to surf the place with out shouting F____off on every wave. And ET if you read this HOWZIT..

By francisco del bosce , 29-06-2006

"Secret Spots" - I don't get why people give details away about secret spots on this site. IT'S A SECRET!!!!! YOU FÜ¢ING IDIOT. East London, SA is where i grew-up but have been traveling around for the last 7 years. Where ever i go i make friends with locals and if i earn their respect they will take me along to a secret spot. Now you get idiot Sepos going on this site, finding out about secret spot, going to these places and acting like they own it. Well, let them come to East London - more food for the sharks and if the sharks don't get them the tsotsis will.

By CANDICE BROWN , 18-11-2002

...the most beautiful place... - i grew up just outside of East London - Kwelera - 5 minutes from 'Yellows', and now i live and teach in Cape Town. the sad thing for me is to think of yellows - the rivermounth, the river, the beauty of it, and last but not least the surf. i have a picture of the river mouth at dawn up in my classroom and it reminds me, when im having a tough day at school, that i have a place to go to during the school vacs.
i learnt to surf a couple years back - by my dad and my friends (the village kids)on an old rusty (wont mention how thick this board was) and so i'd like to encourage all girls and youngsters - if you need a place the river mouth isn't so bad, it's kind of fun.
i miss those good old days of surf, sun and no worries. the great thing is that if anyone (including myself) needs a place to hide away, a place where in the evenings you can get lost in the amazing picture of the river and ocean colliding, a place where solitude is prime and where the waves are "aawsooomee" then... you (i) need only go "YELLOWS".

By anonymous , 27-08-2002

banks - hey,love your site it rocks.Just thought i could help a little. heres a very hush hush secret spot, to the left of nahoon beach break{between bonza's/beacon bay and nahoon beach}there is this legend a-frame break called banks,its quit far out and is situated on a very shallow sand bar,the only problem is that it only works on the ocasional storm swell and is for very experianced worx best on south easterly storm swell an starts at about 5ft but hold to about 11ish.allso very sharky.

By Dave , 16-06-2001

Nahoon Reef - Growing up in East London, this was probably one of my favourite spots for big waves. Even on smaller days the bowl on the inside could get insane. Except for days when a big storm swell causes a hectic rip, the paddle out is easy and you can quickly get to the outside break. The vibe is good. It is not uncommon to get great 4 wave sets of 6 foot plus. Works best on low tide with a good ground swell and light south westerly wind. As for the sharks, well I surfed the spot for about 10 years and even though there were sightings and the odd attack, it only occurred once that I was out when an attack happenend. It's a hazard we all live with and I don't think that it is enough of a menace at this spot to warrant missing out. Just follow your common sense and don't do anything stupid like paddle out during a sardine run ot when a wale is birthing in the area.

By Mike Knott , 12-05-2001

I miss the Reef - I miss the Reef , Sharks and all.

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