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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Strand pipe

South Africa, Cape Town

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By xmesox , 26-11-2013

Gets Big at Times, Mostly Average - This used to be one of my local spots for a number of years. The break varies a lot and I've seen it get big on a very occasions, but also been disappointed on more occasions. The waves aren't typically very hollow and usually close out quickly, but this isn't always the case. Best surfed on a light to moderate South Easter, once it starts howling it tends to get blown flat.

By Stephan , 18-12-2007

Sharkie - There was a shark attack thereabout 3weeks ago some kid got his legs munched first time since 1972.

Cool place to surf fickle though but can get very good

By , 12-04-2007

pypie - Good wave for girls to have a bit of fun!!! (",)

By Sarel seemonster , 26-11-2006

Heel gechil!! - Nice spot!very melow!!
crowds can get heavy on a good day!! but they verdwyn as the waves gets bigger!!works on any swell and a northern wind!!
Leke to play around in!!
(No sharks,only the local seal)

By John , 12-10-2006

Good wave?? Ja 4 toddlers maybe.. - Sorry guys but this wave is almost never good and mostly always shitty.. Mostly just beginners and little kids.Most I know only go here when everywhere is really shit or blown out. Yeah sure nice scenery but the waves are the equivolent of farting in the bath.

By , 12-08-2006

nice, mellow place - Spot is the mouth of the Lourens River and works on all tides. At high tide surfing right across from street is possible. Wonderful wave, GOOD PEOPLE and gorgeous scenery.

By grommetissimo , 27-09-2005

this is not the gunston 500 - hey you

you okes who surf everyday dont skim you own the sea. slapping the water and swearing everytime you miss a wave. have respect for new surfers - if you want to be cool- remember a surfer isa laid back dude not some egotripping, person who only cares if he enjoys the sea. say howzit to okes in the sea, not try and show off and pretend to be heroes. we are all surfers- even the beginners

get a life, smile

grommet and proud of it

By st3 , 11-10-2004

Yes Lee hoor jy wat hulle van die pipe se - Sorry guys there are no sharks in the strand unless you think a 1 meter sandyb is classified as a shark

By Mars , 03-06-2004

Fun wave - Nice fun wave with Mountain range in the backround. Good spot for beginners. Best time of the day is early morning.
Gets very very crowded over weekends and between Nov - Feb

By Koos Kombuis , 14-03-2003

Kap 'n Pyp - Get it on the pushing tide and offshore, and you'll find a right hand sandbar that will make you drool. Nice peaky take-off, running into a fast sucky shorey. Great bodyboarding wave, with a few peaks to keep the consistent crowds happy. Try get there early before the SE rips through.

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