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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 18-09-2003

Fuck you. - The Plymouth Dakar Rally is coming to you, were bringing our boards, we rip and we are going to turn up with 140 cars.

By anonymous , 18-09-2003

to all uneducated british surfers - british surfers, stay at newquay surfing your crappy and ice cold break... we still don't like you at ouakam .... and i bet you, you just talking shit right now but back in senegal you won't be talking much... and definitely not getting any good sets out there... you guys just sound like your dumb ass president you fuckin war makers... senegal is an awesome place with lots of nice surfers but when i see idiots like you travelling with 10 guys at a time and think you gonna show up with your photo guy and show the world where the fuck ouakam is, sorry but it's not gonna happen no more... and on top of that you don't say hi when you paddle in... fuck you bitches... stay home !!!!

By TURTLE EATER , 16-09-2003

Turtle YOU KOOK - Turtle if u want to stop the English comming to your break, then tell all your people to stop comming to England and bumming hand outs-from our government! Until you do that I will continue dropping in on your ass!!!

By , 20-08-2003

i love ouakam, i am senegalese - I am senegalese not by birth by marriage, and senegal, ouakam is the best place on earth...

By TURTLECRUSHER , 16-07-2003


By anonymous , 17-06-2003

turtle - weye, amoul teranga... c quand la derniere fois que tu etais a dakar?... entre les australiens, americains, et autres europeens qui sqattent tout les spots y'a de quoi devenir dof... desole pour le ton mais stay away from ouakam!

By , 12-05-2003

no title - Is it expencive to surf there? what months are the best for the left-breaks? What about the water Temp.? Thanks in advance. RickWaver

By derek , 22-04-2003

turtle - You sound like a really nice bloke, I hope your attitude follows you around as well as the other ass locals there may be in the world.

By Tonton Galandou , 20-02-2003

Ko kan la? - Qui est-tu boy "turtle" pour parler ainsi et oublier toute notion de téranga ?

By turtle , 06-02-2003

stay away - we don't want no more cooks from europe and particularly form england... stay home and leave us alone... ouakam does not handle crowd... go somewhere else or one day you'll find sea urchins down your throat

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