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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ngor right


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By , 24-11-2009

N'Gor right know from The Endless Summer surf movie. - A consistens wave holding all swell sizes. Very power full, sucking up water from the indside current of the island. A part from the two famous rocks called "Mami and Papi" sharp rocks covered with small urgins. The wave is just a lot of fun for advanged surfers. Should be surfed from mid-mid passing hightide. The few locals are nice. I have been surfing the wave for five month and have never seen any fight or trouble in the water. I have taken a photo from the roof of Hotel N'Gor. You are always welcom to visit us at the N'Gor Island surfcamp. The Endless Summerhouse provides all you will need, just 300m from the faumos spot.

By , 17-03-2007

ngor - stayed at ngor two weeks, secrets ironically the most known spot nice waves, no agro localism, stayed at black president on ngor beach, recommend it to anyone going to dakar

By , 28-03-2006

locals dont puch you - the locals dont puch you (maybe the surfers will) i lived there all my life and never heard of a senegalian sea walrus, and there is a nasty riptide there, club med was not on endless summer

By anonymous , 23-03-2006

8 - I remember it being 7 to 8ft , cloudy, dark, windy and that dark water from like a kadjilion urchins spread around. (even sharky..?)..none of the pictures here can descibe the rather intense and kinda spooky feel this place can give you. No room for duckdives at some spots if you fuckup on the first wave, if you go too deep you'll be sucking those urchins out of your fingers, and a rather heavy impactzone on the rocks not so far behind you. I was 16 and this place shook me good. But i did get some good waves before eating it.
Have fun!!

By , 26-02-2006

I'm on it! - My Mother is living in Dakar as a teacher. Does Senegal pump big h2o? If it doesn't, then f*ck it, 'cause that's all I would go for. Let me know, and don't bring your arses up to surf my beloved Pac NW. FYI: The Seattle Seahawks are the shiznit....

By JQ , 08-01-2005

From "Endless Summer" - This was the first spot seen in the original 1960's classic film "Endless Summer".

By Tempest , 04-11-2003

Walruses - The Sengalian Sea Walruses are very angry and hot tempered. Don't steel their bait.

By BAYFFALL , 04-11-2003


By pabanator , 31-03-2003

yeah it is - lol yeah i saw this spot and i was like shit ive seen taht before and it is from endless summer 1

By anonymous , 17-03-2003

it is from endless summer - yes this is one of the places surfed in the movie endless summer, so is club med. really fun waves.

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