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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Evil peak


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By Anonymous , 01-08-2009

suite - Correctif:
' go straight to Pic du Diable cliffs..'
(Pic du Diable little cliff, on the right side of the beach, when swimming, is the probably the safiest way to get out)-
Christo/ Les Verts

By Anonymous , 01-08-2009

Christo to World of Surfing - Please do not surf at Pic du Diable and Ti'Paris, there is a 'station d'épuration'; it does happen that water is really stinky and muddy right there. There have been 4 shark attacks down there. If you windsurf at Ravine Blanche, 50 meters upwind, you gotta know that if you miss the rocks on the left of the 'beach' you go straight to Pic du Diable cliffs. I disagree with Civis which gave its agreement to the contest 'Reunion Wave Classic' at Ravine Blanche.
The Mayor of St Pierre is UMP (RPR);
It was the easiest surfing beach of St Pierre.
Aloha, Christo

By Anonymous , 22-08-2006

SHARK! - Another shark attack 20/08/2006.
ST Joseph surfer had his arm removed at the shoulder by a massive shark. The guy is in a critical condition.
Pic de Diable is surely one of the most dangerous spots for being eaten by sharks in the world. The reef shelf is just too deep.

By Anonymous , 21-08-2006

another shark attack - just a couple of days ago another surfer was taken in by the local shark patrol ... so I guess you can call this spot sharky. should handle the crowds. Condolations, anyway.

By mat de la pine seche , 04-09-2005

good spot take care - This a good spot. A right very long and powerfull.
Urchisn and sometimes sharks. Locals are ok but just tell "them Koi fé" and respect their waves.
Not good above 2 meters( go to saint leu)

By anonymous , 24-07-2005

- if you surf this lovely wave you are probably gonna end up as breakfast , lunch or dinner because there water is very dirty and there are big tiger, bull dog and hammer head sharks that patrol this wave.

By , 11-10-2004

SHARK! - Yes true. im british and i live here and some poor dude had is leg taken off by a 3 metre tiger shark on the 7th 2004. they are saying there were two of them.

By anonymous , 07-10-2004

- on october7th2004, a kid got his leg eaten by a shark bodyboarding this spot.welcome!

By MARCO DU SUD , 28-05-2004

SHARK - Attention, vous serez prévenu, il y a des requins bouledogues, des requins marteau, et la dernière attaque grave fut celle d'un requin tigre.

By Adrien , 10-11-2001

Sharks! - Ok i must admitt that we do have shark in Reunion Island but there are settled there! If u avoid the known dangerous places there's no reason why u should be mistaken with a snack ; )

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