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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Fred too far from Reunion , 13-10-2005

Things to do - Previous post is asking if there is anything else to do in Reunion but surfing! In fact the island is more geared to other stuff but surfing. There is a vulacano, there are a couple of natural curcus accessible onyl by foot (Mafat), there are inland bassins where you can swim in river fresh water, and much more. You have to remember that Reunion island is a vocanic island and the beaches are only in a small portion of the west coast. The inland is just as amazin as St leu break for example.
If you want a holidays lying on the beach all day doing nothing, then go to Mauritius ;)

By Noosa , 09-10-2005

Kelly Slater Mike Fanning surfing show down - Dream set would be when these two champions play off at Reunion Island - pheeeeeeeee-owww!

By Noosa , 09-10-2005

Need accomodation on Reunion - I can't think of any better place to be on the planet except on Reunion when the surf goes off so here looks like as good a place as any to get my act together for 2006.
Being a pro photographer means needing a van or wagon big enough for a roadie box and space on a boat. I have sponsors so I'm just looking for a few good locals to do a few jobs properly and within budget - don't be greedy guys! This is a couple of weeks work for the right ones.
Marcus at
Now if I was smart I'd put out to the universe for a model with brains enough to work this out but its hard to find a woman who sings AND dances.
If you're a surfer and you think you're good enough to be in the magazines and on the web I dare ya to send your bio to my surfing email

Have fun with it folks, Marcus

By , 28-09-2005

accomodation - Can any one recommend some accomodation ideal for staying for a week, near the surf?

By anonymous , 26-07-2005

- the surf looks hell good!!!! but is there anything else to do on the island eg touristy type things what else is on the island? thanks

By , 13-07-2005

Visiting in Sept / October - Hi, I'm a surfer from Cape Town and I'll be visiting for a week in September or October. Plan to stay at st Leu, Dodo Spot. Any tips from anybody much appreciated. Mersi

By , 04-05-2005

Surf Reunion and Mauritius - I'm an Australian Expatriate living and working in Ghana and plan to go surf Reunion and Mauritus on my R & R in early July for 2 weeks with my girlfriend.Has anyone got any tips?If so,please email me.Thanks.

By BLUE FROM ST LEU , 01-03-2005

A small day in st leu! - First i want to welcome all the soul surfer in reunion island!
I was born in reunion island, i am living just one hundred meter front of the great st leu's left!
Today, there was 4 feet at st leu and all the bastard local were in the water today! Most of them surf with a finger in their ass and are as stupid as my shit.
One of them pushed his board on me and cut my foot. I am living and surfing every day here! Some of the local need an injection of intelligence, modesty and surf spirit. This guy is a real bastard.

Some of surfers need to know the feeling!

By juan , 27-01-2005

re:buscando a fred - hola mi nombre es juan,soy argentino y vivo en la isla reunion,y vi en wannasurf,que buscas a alguien,y no se si sera,pero aca te mando un sitio donde podes buscarlo
mucha suerte y buenas olas

By Geoff (Jaime) , 05-12-2004

¿Dónde está Fred? - I am looking for Fred Mitrano... I knew him & Didier back in the '80s. I heard he has lived on Reunion for several years...

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