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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Anonymous , 10-05-2007

st.denis - hey people, im comin to reunion in august to take a semester abroad. ill be studyin in st. denis for 5 months and wanted to to know where there is a good wave for beginners?and how much travelling around the island and to the spots will cost.see you soon guys

By , 22-12-2006

st leu-jbay - hello
any local from st leu that can help me with a place to stay in st leu?i am also want to offer this person to use my apartment only 100 m away from legendary supertubes in jeffreys bay,south africa anytime.....
please help me out....
jeffreys bay surftrips

By Anonymous , 03-12-2006

hi lucky guys !!! - I'm moving to the island for a month in april
could someone tell me wich kind of condition I'll found
Is a 6'4 to small for st leu

good surf ciao

By Anonymous , 23-10-2006

st.leu mafia - went to re union in 02 with an open christian mind to surf travel, st leu locals threw my board on reef told me it was one of those local only spots big bodyboarder told me he was going to give it me up the ass.dont bother with the place is my advice theres no beach brakes to back off to everywhere is saturated,hope thi saves someone going through the same shit i wishes ,rick

By cyril , 08-09-2006

waw! - i juste read the previous messages. No i mean no one can accept someone tortures dogs or any animal for fun or sports or whatever. And Reunion people got really disgusted when the media came up with this info. No one accepts this fact, and except some crazy fishermen, no one did neither here in Réunion Island!
sorry for my english and see you soon guys

By Anonymous , 21-08-2006

- ... and don't fisherman all around the world tend to throw sth living in the water to catch whatever they are "sporting" after ... no worries, i don't have a problem with fishermen - just not my sport. But that "do-good" boykotting shit send me up the wall. Beautiful island, treat it with respect. - Ah yeah and that dog-fishing is a little bizarre.

By , 18-08-2006

just got back from reunion - just got back from reunion, and to think that we should boycott an entire island because of the workings of a select few has to be one of the stuppidest things i have ever is as though a country such as Australia should be judged entirely on the way it treats refugees.... it is not the country as a whole but individual idiots...boycott the idiots...but dont generalise...reunion is awesome...awesome people...awesome food (creol) and awesome out for the sea urchins though....

By Adrien , 19-06-2006

yeah, but... - You must admit that assholes are all around the world, like islands. Reunion is no exception to that. However this story is real but concerns just a fraction of a percentage of the nearly 800 000 inhabitants.

Concerning sharks, the fact is this island is risky. Past meat processing factories, located by the sea, with unrespectful waste practices, attracted among other for sure, bulldogs & tiger sharks.

Locals know where & when it's most risky. Ask them. Reunion island people are cool. Actually one of the friendliest among French overseas territories.

There is quite an incredible mix of culture, and culture tolerance. Food is... :-) Weather ... surf ... laid back culture ... green mountainous interior, mauna kea type active volcano (but also traffic jams & many people on a rather small island).

Don't believe what from a true story develops a generalisation on what is and hopefully will stay, a welcoming and beautiful country.

By jon , 16-03-2006

that's dumb - yeah, boycott reumion and punish the whole island because of how a few fisherman do business. while we're at it, lets boycott indo too because the fishermen there use dynamite and cyanide to catch fish, decimating coral reefs. while the suffering may not be as intense, the ecological impacts are felt the world around. anyone down w/ that? I didnt think so

By , 29-01-2006

boycot reunion - I heard that about the dog fishing and i agree, this island should be boycoted for sure until they stop doing it. They must be sick in the head to do that shit. fuck reunion until it stops

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