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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Turtle reef


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By Anonymous , 12-03-2007

Yea, not that expensive. - hostels are everywhere, I have friends there so lodge was never a problem. Plance to paris - 500- to reunion 400... round trip 900 for me, but im gonna try taking a boat next time. I plan on living there it is an amazing island, with amazing surf.

By G , 26-12-2006

you need balls - I really like this spot. The wave is powerful and break in few water so some sections can be very dangerous. But if you wake up early you can appreciate this paradise in a very good atmosphere and take short but powerful barrels. The ambiance is really different compare to the spot of "the left" st leu where some locals are fucking bastards. If you respect people and waiting for your priority, you ll just send a very good session.

By Ta mère en tong , 23-01-2005

Not that much - Firt, u don't need to book a room, there is hostel everywhere... and you can ask surfers to indicate u the places, or sleep rough on the beach left to boucan, it is a public place (free), with always some local campin',

Then, to answer honnestly, it is not THE place for surfers, seldom very good waves, but usually, regular and mid-hollow sweels... then the flight ticket could ruin your hopes to ever get here, but try to land in Mauritius, and to surf out there too.

By call flight centre on 1902 555 393 , 14-11-2004

your costly answer from the U.S - one nights accomadtion starts off at $500 for two all the way up too 1000 dollars. flights start off at $3,500 from new york and $2,500 from california.

Alexander Miller

By , 30-12-2002

sweet!!! - how much do u think it would cost 2 get 2 there from the U.S. cause it sounds like just the place!!!! is it good for surfers????

By , 25-07-2001

Fantastic wave - I am local body-boarder born in St-Leu. Just to tell you that la tortue is the best wave ever. If you want to take some radical barrels and enjoy a typical body-board wave, that's the one. The reef is a bit dangerous but the surf is so good that you don't give a F**k. Hope to see you down there soon.
Vincent Hoarau

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