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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ovahimba point


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By kavandje , 15-06-2011

Suspect description !! - Loved to know what Jono was smoking when he wrote this !! Nearest human settlement isn't a himba village, it is a safari camp 18 kms away. Check it out at 18°45'52.48"S 12°34'41.71"E . The area is part of a private tourism concession and has been for at least the last 20 years. So how he would have missed it on his "hike" in defeats me. Blue rope as markers ? For starters I would love to know how he tied them to the sand dunes on the lower sections of the riverbed as there are no shrubs. And considering that the route to the coast is heavily used by the camp to take guests down to Rocky Point (bay further south)I doubt that he would have been that incognito. I will try and take a photo of the break the next time that I am up there.
Just hiking in the area. Brings a whole new meaning to taking a trip through your mind......

By dolan , 19-05-2011

- this isnt skeleton bay.

check then screenshot from gables picture.

is this it?

23°59'53.78" S 14°22'43.21" E

By alexsom , 05-01-2011

Skeleton Coast - Namibia's Skeleton Coast is one of the Wilderness Safaris in the whole world. The Skeleton coast park covers over 1.6 million hectares and divided into two zones the southern section, between Ugab and Hoanib rivers, and the northern section between the Hoanib and Kunene rivers. The basic wildlife attraction of the Skeleton Coast is Cape Cross, which we can see a seal colony numbering in the tens of thousands.

By Aesthetics of a Wave , 04-01-2011

google earth - The western coast of Africa has more to offer then u'll ever see by google earth!!! Though respect for all of you that dont publish everything! Photos are awesome cause these are still isolated areas, but gps coordinets is taking it too faaar..... long lineups and ques should be left for schools and banks!

By Big Prokamzi , 16-08-2009

Frazzle? Nice try Jono only everyone knows your game by now. - 1.I didn't create GPS, which is how tool-suckin'Jono(aka:Frazzle) got his idea to play 'God' by writing all of these 'stories' about the desolate S.West African coastline.
2.Jono needs to admit that the closest HE has ever come to ANY of these nearly-inaccessable spots is on google earth.
3. 'Frazzle' ironically fits perfectly as Jono's latest nickname, just look it up on wikipedia...

By Frazzle , 19-06-2009

shut up you tool - Mate, the world's shrinking daily. The more you tell people about these things the quicker they get spoiled. Stop boasting and leave the searching for those who have the heart - don't hand your girlfriend to strangers on a platter!

By Big Prokamzi , 16-01-2009

For our 'pal' Jono, the truth hurts... - Shut your your head hole now Jono-saffa, when it comes to flappin' your lips about people's mothers, since "20 second tubes" ARE a reality@Ovahimba's! Ever heard of Elizabeth bay J-boi? Sure you have Mr.JS, it's just 1 of the many BS descriptions you'd pre-fabricated along S.W.Africa's deserted coastline areas!! Thank God for Mr.R.S. & the light of truth emerging out of the lovely Elizabeth bay!!!

By Anonymous , 07-01-2009

wrong spot pal - what did ya mother pack for you for school......that should help.....

By Anonymous , 08-12-2008

Skeleton bay? - You guys have the wrong spot!

By tommy , 18-11-2008

Yup - Yeah, I reckon this is the joint... sick.

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