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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Elizabeth bay


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By Roger Smith , 13-01-2009

THE TRUTH - Hi guys. The truth of the matter is that whoever added the pic of the guys with the car and the waves peeling off the point, took it from me at It's a doctored pic (inverted), of a right point near East London which I took a couple of years ago. The guys in the pic are Louis,Julian and Glenn. We had it cooking that day! Seems the Wannasurf administrator has at last removed the pic after I complained.
I suspect the authenticity of some of the other Namibian pics and spots. Most of that area is "Spergebied" and no access is permitted except with permits and under supervision.

By Big Prokamzi , 12-01-2009

In reply to the anonymous 'Jono' comment preceding mine: - Everyone is most definately NOT 'having a go' at Jono the clown; rather a few died-in-the-wool surfers who've read his pre-fabricated comments have called his bluff now. The reality is that Jo-joke has been 'having a go' at any travelling surfers who've simply visited this site for what it was intended as representing in the 1st place. And Jono's mockery of the entire W.S.Africa coastline needs to end it's google-life!

By Anonymous , 11-11-2008

- Why is every1 having 'a go' at jono...carm down for f**k sake...

By mark , 22-04-2008

jono the dick - this gut is a web surfer and thats it.....jerk off

By Big Prokamzi , 15-04-2008

Ok here's the deal Mr. Jo-nodeal... - The closest you'll get to EVER surfing these points won't happen, or ever be happening ANYWHERE else in the world 4 you IS on googlearth also, since you're real name must be Jo-noclue! TRY SHOWING SOME PROOF IN YOUR PUDDING BY PUTTING YOUR SELF ON A WAVE IN ONE OF THESE EPIC, WORLD-CLASS PT.S!! IT CAN'T BE COZ YOU'RE NICKNAME IS JO-NOGO!!!

By gary , 28-01-2008

no way? - hay guys not sa or nam.doing surf trip in april/may 2008,will chec it out,got permit

By mark , 23-01-2008

more kak by jono - the guy is a fraud...but hey he is putting in a lot af effort to impress himself

By _Obelix_ , 09-11-2007

A definite fake - The first photo: The white hachback has an Eastern Cape numberplate, the photo has been inverted so the plate reads backwards. That also means the wave is therefore a right, probably on of the EC pointbreaks, hence the grass.

2nd photo: The Google Earth map shows none of the rocky outcrops visible in the photo.

By Anonymous , 20-09-2007

sceptic - wonder what country this pic was taken in...check out the cars registration number....def aint from sa or nam.....would think probably west australia....anyway the google pic has cliffs this one has little round boulders

By Anonymous , 23-08-2007

- Photo 2 is Spencer Bay, not Elizabeth.

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