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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By berny , 19-06-2007

Marocco - I think August is not a good time to visit marocco, but if u want to hire something check or there you can find surfcamps and also equipment to hire

By , 14-06-2007

Going to surf in august - Please share some info!
Want to have 2 weeks of surfing for the vocation in the beginning of august,thought the best might be Morocco!
What place is the best for the beginner(but not less then 1.5-2 meter waves) in august in Marocco?Also is there chance of hiring the board?Or maybe some other place in Africa...or Europe??

By Anonymous , 26-02-2007

nice peopel - if someone goes to taghazout and needs help with anything the best place to go is "almugar surf shop" which is right at the center of the village, they can give you all the informations you need about where to surf where to stay, they are realy nice persons

By , 21-02-2007

Heading to Morocco Lonesome. - Hey all..I'm heading to Morocco in March for about a month to surf by myself. Any other people heading down that are experienceing Morocco for the first time and want to kill the surf scene down there.haha. by that i mean try to find fun surf spots.

Or if you have any info you can give me, like if i should rent a car / van, or just bus it and what not. I know all these questions have been asked before, but i'm not seeing any answers....any help anyone can give will be much apreciated...I'm going either way, but nice to do it not so blind.

lates, from a friendly Canadian Surfer

By oscar , 21-12-2006

sell boards - I 'll be in Tagahouzte area Jan10-23 lookin to sell boards when I leave... Ill have a 6'9" round tail, and a 7'4" round pin , both shaped by Al Merrick on clark 1st
blanks....6'9" is used sell for bout 125.00 u.s.
The 7'4" is pretty new, like to get around 250.00

get back if your intrested

By , 15-12-2006

Morocco in january - Hi all
i would like to be there for one week, starting around 2-3 january. I am not a complete beginner, but not a master. I have 3 weeks of experience (surfcamp!) in Canary Islands.
Do you know some good schools here in Morocco? how are the waves in january? other suggestions?

By , 11-12-2006

Maroc through x-mas`n new year - Hey guys,
I am heading to Marrakesh at dec. 18th.,
than straight to the coast.
Is there anybody who is travelling alone too?
Have no sleep, car etc.
Would love to share as much as possible to save costs!
Any helpfull infos?

THX & cheers

By Aude, , 10-12-2006

Wanna surf in January? - Hey guys, i'm planning to go to Morocco (anywhere i can surf...) in January (any time between 7th and 18th ish) to perfect my surf, i'm travelling alone and being a girl i'd prefer meet people... is anyone going to Morocco in January ??

By mike , 23-11-2006

agadir - im flying to agadir with thomas cook on friday 24.11. from stuttgart to catch the swell. then going to tarhazout on the same date. anyone interested? red board bag at the check in, or customs at agadir or sms to 420 602806560.

By , 14-11-2006

scorpions - any info about scorpions?
they told me it's full of them downsouth.
should i bring an antidote?

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