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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Yaheardme , 01-05-2009

I'm looking into Morocco in November, HOWEVER I've read that can be a rainny month. Anyone have any advice? - I'd like to go sometime between October and December, but Head high and a half is about as big as I'd like to go. I'm not interested in triple overhead waves. Just clean conditions with consistent swell...Warmer water is obviously a plus...Any advice?

By tikaa , 17-04-2009

- hi i'm morrocan from agadir i know a friend her if u need a surfborad

By Anonymous , 16-04-2009

Surf Hire in Morocco - Hey im planning a trip to morocco, any idea how easy it is to hire surfboards out there?

By tikaa , 16-04-2009

- is very windy afternon

By JANA , 23-01-2009

surfing in Rabat - Hey,I'm going to Rabat next week, I'll be there for app.4 months and would love to surf..if anyone has some useful info about surfing in Rabat or recommendations about surfing in other places where you can go on a day trip or so and also about getting the board, wetsuit etc. I'll really really appreciate if you email me ( or leave a comment here..thanks a lot!JANA

By Julian Andria , 12-01-2009

Info about Morocco - I'm planning a trip to Morocco in april but I read here that the winds ain't good at this time of the year. Does anyone know something about that ?

By brett , 20-12-2008

looking for surfing partners - i'm heading to morocco at the start of march 2009,i'm keen to team up and split the cost of surfing morocco.e mail

By Mel McManus , 03-12-2008

Wonderful Morocco! - Morroco is one of the greatest places to surf.It has every type of break & it works year round.If you ever get the chance surf every break from Tangier to Agadir. There`s something for everybody - spongers, kneeboarders, regular boarders, longboarders, kayak, skimboarders, kite & windsurfers - 1,850kms of Atlantic Ocean beaches!!!Moroccans are humble, giga-friendly & very generous. Do a few months there & it will 'fuel' you for life!

By Anonymous , 23-10-2008

conditions and where to go in june? - any suggestions for the beginning of june? An thinking of taking a couple of weeks to surf somewhere in morocco

By Aidan , 22-10-2008

accomodation - hey i'm going to be there at the end of novemeber, anyone know what it will be like round then? and any good accomodation to stay at?

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