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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Agadir , 03-05-2010

Places To Visit In Agadir - Morocco has been staunchly independent throughout its history yet remained open to ideas, creating a heady mix of cultures, religions and languages with ancient roots and a strikingly modern outlook.For many travellers, Morocco might just be a short hop away by ferry or by one of the myriad budget airlines from Spain, but it’s a much further distance to travel culturally. The regular certainties of Europe are suddenly swept away by the arrival in full technicolour of Africa and Islam. It’s a complete sensory overload.

By Kristain , 03-05-2010

Agadir Tourist Information - the best time to surf in morocco is in the winter october - early march but it is possible there will be surf in morocco in may but you are more likely to get surf in morocco in the winter mounths. The water in morocco never tends to drop lower than 16-17 degrees celcius at any time so you should be ok with a summer suit in may. most surf camps in morocco close after febuary because of the lack of solid swell and the only registered surf camp is the animal wavehunters witch i went with recently and are very good but they close after febuary. most other camps to my knowlage are not registered with the moroccan goverment and are illegal. so if i was you i would replan your trip to go in january or febuary as this is when morocco will be at its best.

By luuk , 15-03-2010

Surf in juli? - Hi i am Luuk and i wannasurf in marokko, but i can only go in juli. I see that it is not a good month but how do you experience this month? are nice swells an exception this month or is it still good time out there??

By nasser , 06-03-2010

surf tipe and accomodation in morocco - hiii ,we are team of a moroccans experts surfers,multi-lingual ,we were travling around the world and working in a 100 differnts places in the glob and now we settle our own business ;we offer a surf,kitesurf lessons ...another activities are possible like :quad,mountain bike,horse riding in the beach...

By fronzen mind , 06-01-2010

is January a solid month? - we are planing to visit marocco agadir area for some days mid to end of January.
i am a bit comfused of the period-swell and wave height data found at the varius sites.
Has any body been there this period. i wait of some news.

By Tom , 25-12-2009

Surftrip April/May - Hello everybody!
My name is Tom, a 19 year old adventurer whos is discovering the world and all it's beautifull places!
I would really like to learn how to surf... I want to visit Morocco in the beginning of May, is there anybody else going?
Does somebody has some tips or suggestions? Or maybe about the stay itself (where to eat and sleep)?
My email is

Thank you all and merry christmass!


By Anonymous , 15-12-2009

agadir-january 2010 - how cold is the water in january? and could the swell going to be massive? have conflicting information and a bit!!!

By Mel McManus , 10-11-2009

Surfari Marocco - Best to hire a motor caravan & start @ Tangier. Work your way REALLY slowly south surfing every beach possible. Try to park in public car-lots or official camp-sites. Plan for 6 months MINIMUM from May onwards (tourists get special discount vouchers for gas from the Morrocan Tourist Office). Be polite & friendly to the locals. Don`t act "superior", be humble like the Morrocans & you`ll have an experience of a lifetime - and some of the best waves of your life!

By Anonymous , 23-07-2009

Morroco SOUTH - Im from Sydney -Australia, im goingo to south Morroco for 1 month!!Looking for some surfers to make a nice trip with a lot of surf and fun!! Thats the way...

By ThreePi , 14-06-2009

Morroco in September???? - Hi, im coming to casablanca on sept. with some friends,,,does anyone know where is it better 2 go 4 surfin,,,north or south,,anyone going there at the time??or any morrocan surfers wanna be our guide???please write at

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