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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Ali-Jamal-Aziz-Momo-François , 07-08-2002

no title - Kenny!
you're in the right way! this guy is a kook. He doesn't know anything about surfing, that's why he acts with bodyboarding. He doesn't know even Morocco! Safi is about 240 km from Casa, not 150 km! plus he should go back to school to learn french, english and even arabic, he will get that way more credit.
The funny fact is that Safi is not a wave for bodyboarding!
ask to the best bodyboarders who have surfed the wave before

By kenny , 06-08-2002

stupid contest guy - What's the hell with you? what are you looking for? do you surf? you seem to be a stupid commercial person!
Go bodyboard

By Hamid Jaafari Président NASA Email: , 21-07-2002

Welcome in Morocco land of surfeurs - Hello,
Whe are the North Africa Surfing Association Multiglisse Morocco NASA based in Casablanca, créated in 1997, and whe
organised contest national and international, from the 10 to 12 may 2002, whe have organised the 3°European Tour Of Body-board,PRO/ AM ETB lady and man prize money 8500 Euros at Ain-Diab Casablanca surf in the city.1°man:France,
1°lady Spain.In préparation the first Global Organisation of Body-board PRO/AM in Safi 150 kms south of Casablanca the best right in Morocco with big tube "just go for it " Fébrary 2003 prize money 10000 us $ for lady and 40000 us$ for man.
And in may /june 10 days the 1°international festival of extréme sports of Casablanca with contests PRO/ AM of body-board ,skate-board, roller, bmx, fly-surf, surf and snow-board .For informations contact:
Visit us at

By , 13-12-2001

swell reports for Morocco - Does anybody know of any good charts that can be found on the internet that show swell and wind Direction for Morocco? Most I have looked at crop just before Morocco and so you can only guess at wind direction etc.

By zorro , 25-09-2001

Spot the difference - Despite the shock and horror of the events of 11/09, we must remember that this was the work of crazed fundamentalists, not your average muslim. Morocco is a moderate country, with friendly generous people - I wouldn't hesitate about going (unless a major war breaks out). If you do go, be a good ambassador, respect the locals and their traditions both in and out the water!

By goofybull78@ , 25-09-2001

Will it be safe - I went to morrocco last year for a month and stayed at anchore point in one of sades houses.It was the best trip I have had,so I have decided to go there again for 2 months starting the 5 of november.But with the recent problems involving muslims and america would it be wise to continue my plans David ,oz

By Rachman , 15-08-2001

Surfing in Agadir - Check out this cool website (in french), for info on spots near Agadir and great links as well:

By anonymous , 05-08-2001 - Nouveau site sur le surf au Maroc

By anonymous , 01-08-2001

Where in October? - Where should I go in October to get the best waves in Morocco? Casablanca or Agadir? What is the water temp like?

By anonymous , 09-07-2001

Advice on Morocco - Am visiting Morocco shortly and need to know best surfing spots - are they in the south or the north. Not sure what the swell is like at the moment there. Anyone there at the moment who can advise?

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