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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By balldrick , 05-03-2011

Marocco 15-30 November and Car Rental - hi all. Advanced surfer, likely to get firring surf in mid to late November? Also, anyone know of a van or car rental thats reasonably priced to rent for 2 weeks?

Please Advise, Saffa - Cheers!

By dannymccluskey , 18-01-2011

Buying bodyboard in Morocco - Hi,
I'm heading to Morocco Feb/March this year and can't decide whether to pat the £80 fee to Ryanair to bring my bodyboard. I would rather buy a board there and give it to a kid at the end. Is it possible to buy a decent board (PE core) for under £100 in Agadir or Marrakesh?
Any help much appreciated,

By ewan22 , 22-12-2010

surland - suite a tous les commentaires sur surfland c'est vrai que Laurent miramon a une réputation de mauvais coucheur et je pense qu'il n'est pas normal de ne pas pouvoir surfer sans en avertir Laurent ,la mer est a tout le monde et si l'on regarde la loi purement et simplement le littoral appartient au royaume du Maroc et non a lui ceci dit un jour en France je me suis fait agresser par un surfeur qui a travaillé avec lui car je lui ai simplement dit qu'il était mon cousin,donc il traine que l'on veuille ou non des casseroles,je pense que ce protectionnisme est surtout dicter par l'argent que peut rapporter ce sport,point barre

By Anonymous , 26-11-2010

Longboarding MOROCCO Agadir/imesouane area - end of dec2010 jan 2011. Interested in a place to stay for a small group of 4 and infos abou classic points. experienced surfers. Accomodation or resort is ok. mail me

By amstertijn , 26-10-2010

Cheap Hostel Taghazout area? - Hi there! Going to Taghazout and surroundings from 21 Dec until 4 January. Can anyone recommend a cheap hostel in the area somewhere? And, should we rent a car in the Agadir airport or are there better deals elsewhere? Big thnx from Amsterdam, Martijn

By Anonymous , 05-10-2010

Where to stay in Agadir area? A camp? - Hey there,
My husband and I are OLD - 50 - longboarders and are going to Morocco Dec 31 through Jan 6. We're open to staying at a surf camp, but would also like to do a few day trips to see the country. We're expert longboarders btw, but are absolutely respectful, humble, and all that. Any suggestions on where to stay? A camp? Where to surf? Where to rent boards? A guide for surfing and day trips? Appreciate any info!!!!

By Anonymous , 08-08-2010

- hello am from south agadir on the coast, if there is any body looking for surf information and more like tricking,fishing,desert ( sahara)... can contact me on
welcome and have a good wave..

By Anonymous , 20-05-2010

Registered Surf Camps in Morocco - Hi Kristain,
There are quite a few surf camps in the taghazout area - there are also about ten surf camps that are legitimate surf companies! The Moroccan government have released a new "cahier des charges" for all of the surf camps operating in the area which makes it pretty clear what paperwork is required for all of the surf camps.
Just in Taghazout, there is us (Surf Berbere), Surf Maroc and Dfrost that are all legitimate.
Anyone thinking of coming out for a surf holiday in Morocco - peak season is December through to end of March - this is the time when the waves are their most consistent!
Hope this helps!

By Agadir , 03-05-2010

Places To Visit In Agadir - Morocco has been staunchly independent throughout its history yet remained open to ideas, creating a heady mix of cultures, religions and languages with ancient roots and a strikingly modern outlook.For many travellers, Morocco might just be a short hop away by ferry or by one of the myriad budget airlines from Spain, but it’s a much further distance to travel culturally. The regular certainties of Europe are suddenly swept away by the arrival in full technicolour of Africa and Islam. It’s a complete sensory overload.

By Kristain , 03-05-2010

Agadir Tourist Information - the best time to surf in morocco is in the winter october - early march but it is possible there will be surf in morocco in may but you are more likely to get surf in morocco in the winter mounths. The water in morocco never tends to drop lower than 16-17 degrees celcius at any time so you should be ok with a summer suit in may. most surf camps in morocco close after febuary because of the lack of solid swell and the only registered surf camp is the animal wavehunters witch i went with recently and are very good but they close after febuary. most other camps to my knowlage are not registered with the moroccan goverment and are illegal. so if i was you i would replan your trip to go in january or febuary as this is when morocco will be at its best.

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