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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 09-02-2004

Ferry from Spain - Hi-everyone, im going alone to Morocco in a couple of weeks for 2 months or so and would like to do some surfing in the South. Does anyone know where the ferry from Spain/ Gibraltar goes from to Tangier? Anyone else gonna be there in a couple of weeks? should be cool

By Radwan - , 09-02-2004

To Christain - Le Jardin - - Hey Christain,
First! If it’s your first time in town look as if it's not your first time in town. Buy a map at the airport, and avoid asking the car rental company for it, they might charge you extra. I think there is a tourist info office in Safi bout 15mile from jardin, call’m up 212-(044)-46-38-16 and see if they might be of any help locating a cheaper and closer hotel. As far as the spot; I have only surfed there twice, once it was at the tail end of a massive swell, on a good swell it breaks quickly and can have a nice barrel, there usually aren't too many people out, access is a pain in the neck due to it being hidden by a mini hill. although I can't guarantee this, but it might just be your best surf experience in the african continent.
Good luck and have fun dude :)

By anonymous , 09-02-2004

Le Jardin - Hello radwan,

My name is Christian and I am a surfer from Italy.
I am travelling alone and will be arriving to Casablanca this Wednesday.
I plan to rent a car at the airport and drive south on the first day and possibly stay around Le Jardin. Could someone give me directions to get there and are there any places to stay the night around there?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

By A MOROCCO LOVER , 20-01-2004

To CHRISSY - Most people in Morocco are peace loving, they wouldn't give a shit if you where American - Hospitality is a way of life in this beautiful country. Just ask all the westerners living in Morocco if they are being disliked or mistreated. Could you say the same about Moroccan people living in the US?

By , 19-01-2004 -
The Moroccan Surf Association

By anonymous , 16-01-2004

crowds! - Hey folks...recently scored this stretch of coast pretty good.....but dismayed by the outrageous amount of's not like it once was...even french agro in the water in morroco? Watch out for masses of french and german kooks.....point..I've never seen so many bad styles in one place. I suggest if you go little further down south or if less swell go north....the uncrowded rewards are scares me too think that in the next 2 years the surfing population is going to double? I suggest tennis !!!!

By , 02-01-2004

Need accomodation info... - Hi,

I will be visiting Taghazoute now shortly and need information for accomodation and to make reservations, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hola a todos,

Voy para Taghazoute y me hacer falta informacion sobre sitios donde quedar, gracias.


By , 25-12-2003

travel-surf-companion - I´m a beginner going to marocco in the end of january. My plan is to travel along the coast during a month or so.
I don´t have a car. If anyone is interested in joining, write me.

By , 25-12-2003

surfshops in marocco - I wonder where I could by a board in Marroco. I´ve heard of some shop in Agadir. How could I get in contact with them?
Are there any surfshops in the north of marroco?
If you know anything please e-mail me!

By anonymous , 03-12-2003

no title - cul soultiff et Henri el Khrachi, deux baiseurs deux putes de Safi, c'est eu, Scherer, Vanouche, Errera, les premiers. Et brice Valuzi, aussi il la surfé avant, il a donné le nom de money wave. Mais c'était pas le même, spot. Il y en a plein. les premiers c'était dabs, et lorent, qu'ilsont surfé la vrai vague...avec des klaouis

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